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"…the ugly truth is I'm a heavy smoker…"


Dear Gabriela and team, just want to thank you for this fantastic education! I am so grateful, finally you kicked my butt and opened my eyes. Made me realise that I need to make a change, that I always tried to avoid or didn’t wanted to hear.

The ugly truth is I am a heavy smoker, unfortunately.

It was so easy to hide behind saying “oh its too hard to quit” or “oh I know many people who smoked and got pregnant so I don’t need to quit”, and easier just  to complain and blame life on being unfair.

You made me realise that I have to change. I have tried to stop twice only, and never for my own health, never for TTC.

And yes shame on me. I tried to stop because it is expensive, or because my husband asked me to. But to be honest I never really wanted to.

And for the first time in my life I have a strong feeling(since day 5 challenge and Q&A) that YES I WANT TO STOP FOR MYSELF! for my own well being. Never felt this way before.

WeTTC nearly 3 years ago and haven’t been on check ups firstly because I wanted to get pregnant naturally, second because I know the doc will say stop smoking and just didn’t wanted to hear it. I even wanted to skip day 1 and 5.

Thank you so much for the wake up call! Can’t tell you enough how grateful I am. And I will do my best from now on to stop this horrible habit.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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