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“Way to many chemicals in my home”

testimonials learning way to many chemicals in my home

What I’ve been learning from this #FertilityChallenge is that I had way to many chemicals in my home! I didn’t even know this was a factor of why I’m not conceiving so I’ve learnt a lot.

I’ve also had the best sleep last night in ages after my bedroom decluttering any by turning off all electrical and removing them from my sleeping haven.

I’ve learnt a lot about diet although I know a lot there’s so much more I can be doing…although I still need help with recipes. Thanks Gabriela for all your advice so far.

According to the Consumer Protection Agency in the United States – of the chemicals commonly found in homes, at least 150 have been linked to infertility, birth defects, allergies, cancer, and psychological disorders.

This number grows daily and it’s a real, yet often hidden and unknown danger in our own homes, which we must learn to protect ourselves and our families from because our fertility, health and well being are all at stake.

On Day 2 of the #FertilityChallenge I cover the 5 key fertility poisons you must become aware of if you want to transform your fertility results and I discuss the dangers and how exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals – through direct contact, drinking unfiltered water, ingesting tainted and processed food, and even just breathing polluted air – impacts your fertility on multiple levels.

Although it’s impossible to completely avoid endocrine disruptors there is a WHOLE lot you can do to dramatically decrease you and your partner’s exposure in your own home and so time to discover your challenge for today.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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