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Get Your Partner Onboard

Strategies please on how to get your partner onboard without sounding like a nag and wanting to slap him upside the head because you have been telling him the same old S-H-I-T for years: alcohol plus sperm don’t mix. A: Great question because it can be applied to so many different ways of addressing partners in…

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Fertile Mindset: Stop Worrying About Age

When trying to conceive age is one of the leading factors that most couples fear will limit their chances of getting pregnant and in my experience a fearful or doubtful mindset is one of the first things to address on the journey to parenthood. I was asked recently about how to stop worrying about age…

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Emotional Freedom Technique

Several thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered a complex system of energy circuits, called energy meridians, running throughout the body. Meridians are the centerpiece of Eastern medicine and health practices. Recently, Western medicine has started to pay attention to energy flows and their effect on mental and physical health. Many therapeutic modalities ranging from acupuncture…

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