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There are different variations of what people perceive as AMH, which is anti-mullerian hormone and basically a marker of ovarian reserve. AMH is not a marker of quality of eggs, it’s a marker of the amount of eggs.

Furthermore, it’s not a fertility measure that can be used on its own. It must be investigated in conjunction with other reproductive hormones. Specifically day 2 of the cycle is the day to test for – FSH, LH, AMH – to get a proper reading as to what is happening in regards to your fertility.

When testing these hormones, you don’t want to leave out things like estrogen and progesterone because, for example, you might have an FSH reading, which is below 10, which is ideally where you want to see it on day 2. But your estrogen levels might be very high,  in which case the estrogen would basically be suppressing your FSH result.

You need to look at different things in context in order to see if your AMH result is actually a true reading, or if there is a possibility that it’s actually not correct at all, or if there is a possibility that it’s actually not going to be a major factor in your particular situation.

I’ve had patients in the past that have conceived and have had healthy babies without very high AMH. In fact, I’ve had one lady, Emma, who had the most beautiful little baby, Cole, who basically had an AMH of less than 1.

We did all the things that we needed to do. IVF basically told her the same thing that if she really wanted to have this great success rate, then she should really just continue trying naturally. But she put the things in place that she needed to put in place and with an AMH of less than 1, she basically conceived and had a healthy baby.

It’s certainly possible. It’s about looking at the context of everything else, and that’s why I always say when people ask me “I have low AMH, am I going to be able to conceive?” without any additional context information. Fact is, I don’t know because really it depends on every other hormone and it depends on everything else that you’re doing.

Fact is, in order to know who and how we can help couples we first  need a really clear picture of where you are at on your journey. Ultimately, we help couples have the very best possible chance of creating a healthy baby–irrespective of whether you are trying naturally or using assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF.

We pride ourselves on our results and as such before we agree to consult with a couple we first ascertain if we can actually be of assistance in your particular situation. The way we do this is the Fertility Discovery Questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if we can help you achieve your family dream. If we believe we can help you we will arrange an agreed time for your one-on-one fertility consultation.

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