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Factors that Affect your Cervical MucusCertain factors may influence the quality and quantity of cervical mucus you produce and could therefore impact not only your chart interpretation but also your fertility.

If any of the factors listed below apply to you be sure to record them on your cervical mucus observations chart so that you can recognize trends and identify if a particular observation is unusual or different. In case of any ill health try to try manage your symptoms as naturally as possible.

If you notice anything that concerns you about your cervical mucus (for example, if it has an unpleasant odour or it is causing you discomfort, pain or itchiness, or if you are experiencing unexpected bleeding or spotting), seek professional help and advice.

Always record any of the following factors:

  • Antibiotics (always supplement with probiotics or good gut bacteria if you need to take antibiotics. Ideally avoid them in favour of more natural treatments wherever possible. Definitely do not take them unless you have been properly tested to ascertain if your infection is bacterial and you really do need them in the first place. Always avoid taking antibiotics for a common cold or similar ailments);
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Dairy product intake (should be avoided during your 120 days of pre-conception preparation and during conception attempts as well as pregnancy—take a calcium supplement instead. See Module 2 for more information);
  • Decreased ovarian function;
  • Delayed ovulation (can cause multiple ‘fertile’ cervical mucus patches);
  • Douching (not recommended unless needed to treat a condition and prescribed by your health care practitioner);
  • Excess weight (can cause hormonal imbalances and may increase cervical fluids);
  • Expectorants and cough syrups;
  • Food allergies (very problematic for fertility. See Module 2 for more information);
  • Herbal medicines (do not self-prescribe, should only be taken if prescribed by your naturopathic practitioner, be sure he/she knows when you start attempting conception);
  • Illness;
  • Lubricants (not recommended when trying to conceive as they can damage and kill sperm);
  • Medications such as antihistamines and diuretics;
  • Semen residue (can be mistaken for spinn mucus);
  • Sexual arousal (can be mistaken for spinn mucus);
  • Some fertility medications (especially clomiphene citrate);
  • Stopping the oral contraceptive (birth control) pill;
  • Tranquilisers;
  • Vaginal infections or sexually-transmitted diseases (be tested if you are unsure and treated if necessary);
  • Vaginal soaps, creams and deodorants (should be avoided);
  • Vitamins (do not self-prescribe);

Download the cervical mucus observation chart  from our free fertility resources section to help you keep track of cervical mucus changes as this is the best way to spot important patterns that can give you lots of clues on how to optimise your chances of getting pregnant fast.

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