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What To Expect From Your Cervical Mucus Patterns

When you first begin checking your cervical mucus patterns it is normal not to know what to expect and what you are looking for.

Do not worry – you will very quickly get the hang of it, all you need to do is keep checking. You will soon learn what is what and when it happens.

While your cervical mucus pattern may vary from cycle to cycle (and it certainly varies from woman to woman), here is a detailed representation of what you can expect, or at least a sample of what to work towards with your practitioner if you are not observing any mucus and/or any cervical mucus changes:

Cervical Mucus Patterns During Your Cycle

  1. Immediately following menstruation there is often a dry vaginal sensation and little or no cervical fluid / vaginal mucus;
  2. After a few days of dryness, there may be some mucus that is best described as ‘sticky’ or ‘pasty’, but not wet. While this kind of cervical fluid is not conducive to sperm survival these days may be considered as ‘possibly fertile’ if they occur prior to ovulation;
  3. Following these sticky/pasty days, most women notice cervical fluid which can best be described as creamy, stretchy or wet, but is not yet egg white-like or spinn. This fluid may be white cervical mucus, yellow or beige in colour (although colour is not of great significance, the texture is the relevant part). At this point, the mucus may have the look and feel of lotion or cream and the vagina may feel moist or wet, indicating possible increased fertility. This type of mucus can last for several days;
  4. The next type of mucus you can expect, the most fertile of them all, is very slippery and stretchy. This type of mucus precedes ovulation by 1-2 days and does not last long (usually a maximum of 3 days). It is typically clear and may be quite watery. The vagina feels wet and lubricated. This is the type of mucus most friendly and receptive to sperm. It looks a lot like semen and, like semen, can act as transport for sperm.
  5. Cervical mucus after ovulation, fertile fluids dry up very quickly and the vagina remains more or less dry until the next cycle. Some women may experience small amounts of fertile-looking fluid after ovulation as the corpus luteum produces small amounts of oestrogen.
  • Dry: Probably not Fertile
  • Sticky Pasty: Probably not Fertile
  • Stretchy Creamy Wet: Possibly Fertile
  • Spinn Egg White: Definitely Fertile

if your cervical mucus patterns are scant or unchanging step 1 take a pregnancy test

What to do if your cervical mucus patterns are scant or your pattern is unchanging…

  1. Do a pregnancy test — this can sometimes be the reason;
  2. Keep checking your mucus. Initially you may not see changes because you may be unsure of what you are looking for, but the more you check it, the more familiar you will become with your body and its patterns and the easier the whole process will become;
  3. Seek professional advice from a competent and qualified naturopathic practitioner about your mucus patterns if:
  • Your cervical mucus patterns remain unclear after 1-2 cycles;
  • The amount of mucus you produce is very small or nonexistent;
  • Your patterns are unchanging;
  • You do not experience any spinn mucus prior to ovulation

Any of the pattern issues described above may relate to hormonal imbalances which can often very easily and effectively be treated with the help of individualised herbal medicines your specialist practitioner can prescribe for you. Download free resources here to help you keep track monthly as this is the best way to spot important patterns that can give you lots of clues on how to optimise your chances of getting pregnant fast.

 Video: How to test for cervical mucus| Factors that affect your cervical mucusCervical Mucus 101

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