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Welcome to my Fertility Blog!

I am Gabriela Rosa, I am a fertility specialist, naturopath and founder of NaturalFertilityBreakthrough.com

Over the last almost 2 decades I have helped thousands of couples overcome infertility to create healthy babies and happy families, even when other treatments have failed.

In my experience what my clients all have in common is that they face a combination of multiple undiagnosed fertility challenges and it is helping people to identify their individual fertility issues and then to make the necessary lifestyle changes, that enables us to help so many couples.

We help couples take control of their health and reclaim their natural fertility – giving couples the best possible chance of creating the healthy baby of their dreams – naturally or through IVF/ICSI when absolutely necessary.

For specific, personal advice the I recommend you take our free natural fertility discovery, a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by feedback session with one of our team of experts. The Fertility Discovery session helps us ascertain if we can help you achieve results like so many of our patient success stories.

The advice offered does not replace that given to you by your own medical caregivers and fertility specialists. I encourage everyone to take full responsibility for their own health and well-being, more importantly I know that successfully overcoming fertility issues demands both personal responsibility and accountability, so start now! Which means you may want to check with your health care provider before following any new regime or advice offered in this fertility blog.

My fertility blog is provided as a free resource to readers interested in optimising their natural fertility, health and well being--irrespective of whether they are approaching conception naturally or via assisted reproductive methods such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor or other. In our clinic we treat couples who have been trying to conceive for over 2 years or have experienced miscarriage(s), who seek scientifically researched and evidence-based information to increase their chances of overcoming infertility and miscarriage, even when other treatments have failed. This blog is not a replacement for personalised, professional advice. Always seek the advice of your health care provider before making changes to your existing treatment.

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