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This program officially kicks off SOON.

Welcome to my Fertility Challenge ™ program! I am glad you found us.

My name is Gabriela Rosa. I’m a Harvard University-trained and awarded scholar and the host of the Fertility Challenge ™ program. It is a privilege to welcome you to this life and fertility-changing event!

The Fertility Challenge ™ program is an education and action-based series of online events and activities designed to guide and inspire couples who have struggled to conceive and/or keep a healthy pregnancy to term to deliver a healthy baby for over two years.

During this event, you will learn and start to apply my 7 step F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method ® so you can begin to transform your results and optimize your chances of creating the healthy baby of your dreams.

Be ready to put aside age, infertility, sperm abnormalities, medical complication, miscarriage, failed IVF - and get practical on doing the things you can actually change to optimize your chances of taking home a healthy baby.

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When you commit to yourself and your dream and "Get Stuff Done" (#GSD), we promise you that everything you'll learn during this program is transformative - but only when you choose to diligently and consistently implement what you learn.

Regardless of your unique situation today, know that we are absolutely honored to serve and guide you through a proven process that has already helped nearly 140,000 people in more than 110 countries overcome infertility and miscarriage even when other treatments failed. When you commit to yourself and your dream and "Get Stuff Done" (#GSD), we promise you that everything you'll learn during this program is transformative - but only when you choose to diligently and consistently implement what you learn.

Let’s get started, and allow me to hold your hand from beginning to baby.

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This program officially kicks off SOON.



About Gabriela Rosa


Gabriela Rosa | DrPH (cand.), MPH (CLE), MScM (RHHG), BSc (ND) is a world-renowned fertility specialist and Harvard University awarded scholar. Since 2001, Gabriela and her team of reproductive specialists blend evidence-based science into a holistic, supportive, and education-focused approach to fertility treatment, shown to deliver a 78.15% live birth rate. Gabriela’s latest book, Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed, is now available in all quality booksellers.


Fertility Challenge Success Stories via Private Facebook Group

Keep up the work ladies it will pay off I promise
"We Finally Did It!" Positive Pregnancy Test
Everything is possible to those that believe
Thank you so much Gabriela
Thank you Gabriela Rosa for opening my eyes
Finally pregnant after two years of trying
We are forever grateful to you
I can't believe this actually happened
7 Day Fertility Challenge Pregnancy Announcement via Facebook

Register for Gabriela Rosa's Fertility Challenge!

The goal is to show you a different way towards the healthy family you dream about; a better way; than what you’ve experienced so far – because, from my own personal and professional experience, I know what it takes for couples to move from struggling to conceive to living the dream of becoming a parent. I’m really excited to be getting you started on this positive life changing journey. Simply enter your details below and I’ll send you everything you need to begin transforming your results today!

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From Previous Fertility Challenges

17 Years TTC “.. our result 8 months or so after finishing the challenge”

Q: I have noticed that the more I drink the lemon drink the spotting gets worse. Does anyone else have a similar experience. By the way I have PCOS and I have already eliminate sugars and refine carbs. I must also say I don’t have a regular cycle unless I take BC. The spotting was…

FB Testimonial_14-day-challenge-made-a-world-of-difference

Fertility Challenge Made a World of Difference

I posted last month about getting my first positive ever on a pregnancy test and then sadly had to post again one week later about miscarrying. I’m excited and anxious to say that I got a positive today, much darker than the previous one. I have still been following a lot of what I learned…


Cannot believe this after all my struggles!

So this morning this happened… cannot believe this after all my struggles!! Just hoping this one sticks as the last one I miscarried at 5 weeks.. positive energy xxxx I was wondering now though do I still follow the no gluten / no dairy diet?? 191 You, Gabriela Rosa, Susan Stock and 188 others Comments…

trust the system because results have proven that this program works

"…trust the system because results have proven that this program works…"

Anon: My biggest thing is to try and unlearned everything I thought I knew about fertility health and just fully submit myself to this program with an open mind and allow #TeamRosa to take my hand and lead me all the way without trying to reinvent the wheel…trust the system because results have proven that this…


"…chemicals and their effect on the endocrine system…"

My biggest learnings have definitely been with regards to household items/chemicals and their effect on the endocrine system. Although pretty obvious when you think about it. It wasn’t something I had really taken control of changing. … I loved your video yesterday about the thyroid function as I have had a feeling for some time…


"…so much power is taken away when you're out of control of your fertility.."

I’m undone with emotion tonight. Completely undone. In your voices I heard the sound of life, passion, conviction, determination, fresh resolve. I heard hope. I’m crying right now! The first doctor I went to told me to eats lots of ice cream to put on weight even after I had two babies at that weight.…


"…Thank you for your empowering videos that challenge me to learn & improve…"

Anon: Ok so of late, I’ve been really quiet as I adjust & take on board the 14 day fertility challenge. Trust me, I’ve been listening & reading & DOING, over & over! There’s been so many learnings over the past 12 days making it hard to pinpoint my biggest, however I must admit that…


“I now believe that I can take control of my own fertility”

I have learnt a lot of new information through the fertility challenge. The biggest aha moment is probably that I now believe that I can take control of my own fertility. There are ways and options I can do to get closer to my dream. Also I learnt, through listening to Gabriela’s own story, is…

Biggest Learning Curve

My biggest learning curve…so many minor factors

Anon: What I have learned throughout this challenge and what has finally sunk in? Well… I got lazy, I lacked commitment pretty much. I knew all the things that were not good for my health. My bookshelf is full of wonderful resources. I had tried this and that but I did not stick with it.…


I have so many more minor factors than I could have ever conceived

My biggest learning has been just how many chemicals are in absolutely EVERYTHING!! So called ”organic” products are still full of questionable ingredients. I’ll be reading every single label from now on, and sticking with certified products only (if I can’t make it myself). I have so many more minor factors than I could have…


My biggest learning…that I cannot do this alone

Anon: My biggest learning has been around the fact that I cannot do this alone…for a long time, too long really I’ve placed the weight of making all these changes solely on my own shoulders, stressing and overwhelming myself in the process. Not only do I now fully recognise that I need to seek and accept…


I have learned to change my mindset

…I have learned to change my mindset and my thoughts. I can so relate to the woman you have mentioned in the video. I have had the same thoughts many times. How come it seems so easy for everyone else? Especially the people like the ones she mentioned or even my sister, we have the…


Understanding Blood Work Results

My biggest learning throughout the FertilityChallenge were the blood work results & endocrine disrupting chemicals. Never in a million years would I have thought everyday household products would be toxic to a woman’s fertility. The blinding flash of the obvious that has sunken for me is to be true to what I believe in, stay…


Totally changed my fertility journey

I did this fertility challenge about 5 years ago now. I was totally committed to it and as a result, it totally changed my fertility journey. I’m so glad I stumbled across this group the other day. I’ve decided I need a refresher and am going to go back Day 1 and do the challenge…


"…knowing that I’m not alone and amongst a great group of supportive people…"

  Sitting here reading everyone’s posts and knowing that I’m not alone and amongst a great group of supportive people with great advice. I’m  doing this to pass the time whilst scanning in my results page by page for Gabriela Rosa. So many pages but thinking positive will be worth it. Being part of a…


Maybe I wasn’t meant to have kids

I used to think maybe I wasn’t meant to have kids because it just wasn’t happening. Now I feel Gabriela has come into my life for a reason. Thank you for your wonderful gift of knowledge. Just want to thank Gabriela Rosa for her inspiration and education for those of us who refuse to give up…


lost almost 10 lbs in less than 2 weeks

One of my minor factors (I consider major) is losing weight. I have been diagnosed with hypothyrodism for over a year which I take medicine daily for. It’s hard to lose weight and keep it off. Since starting the lemon drink, going dairy free, and eating better but not perfect due to the need to…

fertilitychallenge_testimonials_feeling-empowered-supported-and-thankful for fertility challenge

Feeling Empowered, Supported & Thankful

  I’m not giving up or going backwards –  I ‘m acknowledging and appreciating what we’ve done so far and building on it and we will carry on building and moving forwards towards our dreams feeling empowered, supported and thankful for being part of the Fertility Challenge We were on holiday during the challenge so…


Act like I’m pregnant to be pregnant

Today is the day I’m going to act like I’m pregnant to be pregnant. Gabriela Rosa I want to thank you for this program for finding me and to all the support on this page thank you too. Day 5 today is by far my hardest day, by the time I got done I was…


" have lost 7kg…my husband lost 10kg…"

    When I was first told I had PCOS the attitudes from professionals was I was too young to want children so not to bother about it. I was told not to eat bread, cheese, don’t drink milk, eat no fat at all and try keep weight down. ”come back when you want to…


"…Diagnosed with PCOS…told I only had a 10 percent chance to have kids…"

I am so excited to be part of a proactive group like this. I was diagnosed with PCOS around the time I was 15. I was given birth control to ”fix” my issues, but it never worked. I still had irregular almost non-existent periods and was told I only had a 10% chance to have…


"…the ugly truth is I'm a heavy smoker…"

Dear Gabriela and team, just want to thank you for this fantastic education! I am so grateful, finally you kicked my butt and opened my eyes. Made me realise that I need to make a change, that I always tried to avoid or didn’t wanted to hear. The ugly truth is I am a heavy…


Fertility Challenge Seriously Changed my Life

  Well, cycle Day 1 and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about it. And certainly not in the last 10 months since our TTC journey began. My body feels AMAZING! No PMS or symptoms at all! To be honest , I figured I was going to be late from the…


Based on feedback from another patient who is now pregnant

I would like more information on your #FertilityChallenge. My husband and I have been trying for 7 years to get pregnant we have done IVF treatments for the past two years. We have had two biochemical pregnancies. Each IVF cycle we have gotten embryos. We have been through 6 of them. Insurance does not cover…


"…started thinking about how I needed to be in control of my body.."

It was hard detaching from some of my products like Oil of Olay day moisturizer with SPF, Mary Kay facial cleaners, shampoos, But then I started thinking about my future and how I needed to be in control of my body. ”I matter and so does my fertility”! Get rid of it! TOXINS!!!! I’m also…

thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope once again_14 Day Fertility Challenge testimonial from Facebook

“Thank You for Giving me Hope”

Dear Gabriela Rosa ….thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope once again. A week before joining this #FertilityChallenge, I received news that my stage IV endometriosis had spread and I required another laparoscopy. After 1.5 years of hoping to conceive, this was the first time I actually believed I had…


“Way to many chemicals in my home”

What I’ve been learning from this #FertilityChallenge is that I had way to many chemicals in my home! I didn’t even know this was a factor of why I’m not conceiving so I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve also had the best sleep last night in ages after my bedroom decluttering any by turning off all electrical…


Outstrip the others in information, application and access to yourself

  Last night I stayed up way too late to listen to a health webinar (not fertility related of course) from a person who’s website is in the top 10 of health websites on the web. Can I just say, compared to the real information, tasks and takeaways you provide on the Fertility Challenge, I…

Fertility Challenge FB Testimonials _things I didn't know I didn't know

"I have learnt an awful lot – the things I didn’t know I didn’t know’

…Gabriela Rosa I don’t think I expressed my thanks over this challenge and subsequent conversation. I feel, in this very short period I have learnt an awful lot – the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Excellent ball busting from Ms Rosa – you have had me thinking for the last three hours and…


"You have opened my eyes, heart and mind"

  You have opened my eyes, heart and mind to a whole new (to me) side of infertility and no matter what happens I will be truly grateful. It is the least I could do for you. I am getting healthier by the day and still have a long way to go but progress is…

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