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4 Silent Infertility Factors in Your Home

Infertility Factors #1. Household Cleaning Products

Chemicals  in  common  cleaning  products  can  be  absorbed through the skin up to three times more than if you were to ingest them orally.

But you don’t have to touch them to be affected.  Most of these products release volatile organic compounds into the air you breathe when they are just sitting in your cupboard.

One  of  the  first  things  I  have  my  patients  do  is  get  rid  of  all commercial cleaning products from their homes. You simply don’t need to permit the gas fumes and chemical residues to create in a toxic environment in your home.

Infertility Factors #2. Computers

A startling research study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found women who spend 20 hours per week in front of the computer had twice the frequency of miscarriages when compared to those who did not.

Does this mean you need to get away from your computer? Although this may be helpful, it’s seldom practical though it will help you if you can take frequent breaks away from the computer screen – at least whilst you’re trying to conceive. And implement some of the radiation safety cures I share with you during The #FertilityChallenge series

Infertility Factors #3. Mobile Phones

Another  study  published  in  Fertility  and  Sterility  found  negative sperm change was directly connected to exposure of mobile phones. The simple advice… is… if you want to conceive then temporarily reduce your mobile phone usage and NEVER carry it in your pocket. And this applies to the ladies too!

Infertility Factors #4. Electric Appliances

There are also studies linking radiation in electric blankets and microwaves, and even clock radios to fertility and even cot death.

Reducing your exposure to these items will enhance fertility over the 120 days of preconception preparation.  (Source: Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics).

Take another step closer to that goal here and now. To learn more about volatile organic compounds in your home and how they may be impacting your natural fertility join the Fertility Challenge.

A series of fertility insights and proactive steps to remove infertility factors in your home and lifestyle and significantly boost your fertility health when trying to conceive. Sign up today to begin your journey to enhanced natural fertility.

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