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5 Fertility Poisons In Your Home

Fertility-Challenge_Day1_Discover-how-your-personal-environment-is-keeping-you-infertile_fertility-poisonsAccording to the Consumer Protection Agency in the United States – of the chemicals commonly found in homes, at least 150 have been linked to infertility, birth defects, allergies, cancer, and psychological disorders.

I am sure this number grows exponentially daily and it’s a real, yet often hidden and unknown danger in our own homes, which we must learn to protect ourselves and our families from because our fertility, health and wellbeing are all at stake.

On Day 1 of the #FertilityChallenge video I cover the 5 fertility poisons you must be aware of if you want to transform your fertility results. I discuss the dangers and how exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals – through direct contact, drinking unfiltered water, ingesting tainted and processed food, and even just breathing polluted air – impacts your fertility on multiple levels.

Although it’s impossible to completely avoid endocrine disruptors there is a WHOLE lot you can do to dramatically decrease you and your partner’s exposure in your own home. It shouldn’t take you too long but it will make the world of difference to your health and fertility from now on, and of course the health of your family in the future! Register now to take part in this free online education and action series.

About Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

We help couples struggling with fertility difficulties and recurrent miscarriages for over 2 years take home healthy babies, even when other treatments have failed. The Fertility Challenge online event is FREE and works to redefine fertility and empower couples through a proven, interactive and transformational 12-day journey on their path to parenthood. We have now successfully educated and inspired over 100,000 people in 100+ countries toward their dream of becoming a parent. Click Here to Register Today.