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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Self Prescribe

What fertility supplements should I take to optimise my fertility and chances of taking home a baby?

It seems like a reasonable enough question, doesn’t it. And it is. However, the answer is less than straight forward and it is important enough that it gets its own DAY on the Fertility Challenge.

Supplementation is one of the very important pillars of my 11 pillars of fertility foundation. However peoples different symptoms, predisposition, genetic make up – required different prescriptions. Therefore, before we even make the first recommendation about what supplements someone should start or stop taking we undertake the first step of the FERTILE Method ® in its entirety.

Before our team can prescribe a couple – even something as simple as a multi vitamin – each couple must first submit

  • Completed 48 page health and fertility appraisal questionnaire
  • Fertility Scorecard – this is our online diagnostic quiz with over 100 questions and
  • All of the test results they have on hand over the last at least 2 years

Once I have all this information, we put together a complete minor factors report to understand exactly what we are dealing with in each case. To get to this stage, as a as a team we will invest approximately 5-6 hours understanding each couples fertility situation.

The next step is what we call a fertility alignment, during which we spend another 1-2 hours, asking both partners even more specific question and gaining further distinctions directly from our patient. Within 8 hours we should have the information necessary to make an initial supplement recommendation, finalise prescriptions and deliver these to our patient along with our reasoning.

And it it does not end there….at each session during a couple’s participation in our program we investigate, observe and make changes – large or small as required, to their prescription. This is not a static process; of setting and forgetting, it evolves with each case and the patients results along the way.

This is why when someone asks me “what supplements should I take” – I can’t just rattle off an answer that in my opinion, will do them any service. We take our duty of care seriously, which is how we achieve results with our patients.

My 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Self Prescribe

  1. Self-prescription invariably leads people to taking the wrong supplements for their specific situation, which ultimate wastes precious time on their fertility journey;
  2. Supplements you buy over the counter often end up being “sugar lollies” offering no effect or they have the wrong effect,
  3. The wrong supplements and herbs can cause further imbalances in one’s biochemistry, negatively impacting hormonal balance, egg and sperm quality.
  4. Different situations required drastically different approaches and clinically meaningful formulations with significantly therapeutic doses – for them to work effectively.
  5. For the most part a member of the general public will not have access to the practitioner only products. It’s important to stay updated and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of not knowing what you don’t know in this arena.
  6. Can you discern good, versus bad quality products. Over the counter products use less active ingredients and may even contain toxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals;
  7. There are many variations of nutrient types, typically, the cheaper the supplement the lower it’s bio availability. Quality products utilise biologically activated forms of vitamins and minerals. For example;
    • Folinic acid or methylfolate instead of folic acid or
    • calcium amino acid chelate versus calcium carbonate and so on;

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