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Choices Impacting Fertility

Choices impacting fertility are within our control whether for positive or negative – very few things have a neutral effect.

Unfortunately, our modern environment tends increasingly towards having an onerous or negative impact on our body and it is absolutely crucial to understand that our present-day environment is not as fetal-friendly as it was even say 100 years ago. We have more pollutants, toxins, radiation and health issues with less time to combat them. It is up to us to proactively ensure our environment is as fertility boosting as possibly. Hoping for the best is not good enough in an environment where

  • 1 pregnancy in 4 ends in miscarriage
  • 1 in 6 couples are diagnosed infertile
  • 1 in 11 babies having a low birth weight
  • 1 baby in 13 ending up in intensive care unit
  • 1 in 17 babies are born malformed

These alarming statistics are unfortunately on the rise, but it does not have to be this way. It’s a sad fact that most prospective parents aren’t healthy enough. I have applications every single day for people who want us to assess their situation or asses their fertility history, and there are always so many things that people can be doing.

The average diet is not good enough. The intake of pollution, medication, alcohol, coffee is just simply too high, and almost everyone I see in my clinic has either a nutritional deficiency or stages of heavy metal toxicity, which negatively impacts fertility and the ability to carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

As many as sixty percent of the couples that I see have a genitourinary infection that causes infertility and miscarriage, and 1 in 6 has an allergy or parasite.

We know that people that are having difficulty conceiving perhaps impacted by lifestyle habits that are very difficult to break. Which is why fertility education is so crucial to informing peoples awareness of the inseparable link between fertility and general lifestyle.

Too often I think that we disconnect fertility and health, when instead what is needed is a well-rounded approach to how to lead our lives, the choices we make day to day and how we manage not only our physical environments but our emotional, biochemical and physical health too. That triad is so very important.

Of course there are always exceptions to the cultural norm, and we treat many healthy couples too. Couples who from the outside look to have everything – physical health , emotional health and their environment – in top shape, yet there’s still an imbalance in their biochemistry or perhaps they needs to optimise egg quality or sperm quality despite the generally healthy lifestyle.

Here’s the thing, the fact that you haven’t got there yet and the fact that things aren’t quite how you would like them to be yet, it’s not your fault but it is up to you to make the choice to be proactive.

The one thing that everyone we treat has in common is a combination of minor abnormalities or minor factors that are getting in the way.

I have seen people who have been trying to conceive or having difficulty conceiving for as long as 18 years. Where other treatments have failed, when all previous attempts have failed, and then we work with them – to put in place the well-rounded support plan that I’m talking about here – very quickly, people’s body responds. That is what the #FertilityChallenge is all about.

If you have been struggling to conceive and with decisions about your fertility then we encourage you to register for the next #FertilityChallenge, an education and activity series designed to help you make better, more informed choices.

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