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The End of the Fertility Challenge™ Program

You know that moment when you know something has to give?

I know it well. 

After taking over 137,000 couples in more than 100 countries through the Fertility Challenge ™ in the past 9 years, I got to that moment where I just felt it needed to end.

I was craving the feelings these events used to give me back in the early days circa 2011 where I really got to guide, support, educate and above all truly connect with the people seeking my help and expertise. 

People on a similar wavelength. Those precious souls to whom what I bring to the table is an answered prayer. 

I’ve met many of these remarkable people in the 20 years I have been guiding couples and individuals to overcome infertility and miscarriage, even when other treatments have failed - so I know that not only they exist right here in my community and are awaiting this connection, but they are also ready and willing to do what it takes, right now.

So this message is a fresh new beginning for those people (which may or may not be you reading this right now). But there is a chance that if you got this far into this communication what is coming in April, may indeed be for you.

You see, my life’s mission is the work and service I provide. That has never wavered for me. In saying that and at the same time, I have come to a place within myself, where I am “done” with providing ‘mass education’ within the context of the Fertility Challenge ™ program. 

Over the last few years, the Fertility Challenge ™ event became too fast, massive and hectic - and for a while now I have felt out of alignment with even wanting to continue delivering it. Although the often radical, and positively life changing transformations I continued to witness throughout each event, for those committed, kept me going. Nonetheless, still, I yearned for the early days where I could immediately connect with the difference I was making in the world of the people I got to engage with thoroughly throughout the event. 

I yearned for the kind and grateful hearts I got to touch. The hearts of open-minded people who were ready and willing to surrender to a proven process. A process based on my unique treatment methodology, which since 2001 I have continued to carefully curate and refine in clinical practice, now with the added expertise of my world class team at the Rosa Institute.

It just felt it was time for a realignment and as a result I made an earth-shattering decision in the interest of the people I best serve. I am taking myself (and those who wish to come along for the ride) back to the place for which I yearn. The place of love and connection for what I do and all of the reasons why I do it. The place where I get to make much more of a difference but to thousands fewer people at one time. A place (at least in my heart and mind) of greater, yet quieter impact.

Here’s what I have decided to do - whereas in the past we took on between 5,000-12,000 couples through each round of the Fertility Challenge ™ (a logistical ‘challenge’ all of its own) - I am now making the event’s registration and participation process by application only. And I am massively limiting the size of the event to a maximum of 300 committed participants at a time (and their partners, where applicable). This means that each year we will now be serving up to 1,200 couples, instead of what was the case last year with us serving 40,000+ couples in 12 months! So from here on we will have a waitlist for participation each time the event becomes fully subscribed (at 300 couples). 

However, in the interest of still making this program accessible to people around the globe, I’ll continue to run this event free of charge, four times a year. The major difference is that I’ll be able to be a whole lot more hands-on again and able to provide more personalised advice than I have been able to in recent years due to the sheer size of the events and the huge number of participants. 

In essence, I’ve decided to take us all back to the old days that used to fill my heart. Consequently, giving myself the opportunity to fully concentrate my focus and energy in delivering immense quality for the people who are motivated to do what it takes to transform their results. These are the people I am honoured to serve. 

In turn, these are also the people who help energise, strengthen and renew my own commitment to my mission. The action takers who can distinguish when it is important to rethink a strategy because they understand more of the same actions deliver more of the same results—and they are ready and willing to give it their all to create the transformation they want to see in their world. Those - are my people. And it is them I best serve.

In order to be eligible to participate in this re-imagined event, have my personalized guidance through this program, and gain access to the wealth of useful and FREE information I will provide to help you hold your baby in your arms sooner, there are some simple, yet non-negotiable criteria:


  • You must register here. Once you do this step my team will send you through what you need to do to complete the next steps as follows:
  • You must complete a basic questionnaire helping me understand more about why you want to participate in this event (which I will review);
  • You must provide proof of ownership of a physical copy or kindle version of my bestselling book Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and miscarriage when other treatments have failed - as we will be referring to it together throughout the Fertility Challenge ™;
  • You must be willing to join the secret Facebook group that is dedicated specifically to this event, and to which you will be invited to join by my team. Yes, there will be a brand new, secret group each time this event runs from now on and once you have completed the Fertility Challenge ™ you will be eligible to gain access to an alumni group. FYI: Secret groups don’t show up on Facebook searches and hence why they are by invitation only. Only you and other members also in the group are able to see any (of your) posts. If you are not on Facebook or are not willing to join this Facebook group for the event, sadly, you will not be able to participate in the new Fertility Challenge ™ program.


As previously mentioned, the above four criteria are non-negotiable. These criteria ensure we can best support you to get the most out of the (still free) Fertility Challenge ™ event.

Once 300 couples have completed their registration steps above and have and are subsequently invited to join the special Facebook group, registrations close and couples are then welcome to join the waitlist for future events. 

As always I recommend partners (where applicable) participate together, and I strongly encourage both to join the group because as you will see, fertility is a team sport, and we witness the best results for the couples who participate together. 

Equally, individuals pursuing solo reproduction and same-sex couples are still most welcome to join the event - as long as you can graciously accept that for now, the languaging I use refers to “couples” in a heterosexual context for no other reason than ease of expression.

So if this new approach resonates with you, and you’d like to apply to participate go ahead and begin registration here and our team will get back to you via email with instructions on how to complete the process, so you can gain access to the event. 

Please kindly note the participation limit is for a MAXIMUM of 300 couples. Therefore, this leads me to a very special request: Please, be considerate. Unless you and your partner (where applicable - see my comment above if you are pursuing solo reproduction or are in a same-sex relationship) are truly committed and can devote the time to fully participate, and complete your tasks throughout this educational event, please do not apply to participate. Please do not register simply to take up space, and as a result, rob another couple of the opportunity to participate, who truly wish to put in the work.

At the same time don’t waste the opportunity and let your chance pass you by because I would be surprised if we don’t reach the 300 couple limit within days (or less) of releasing this notification.

For the upcoming event schedule and to register click here.

I hope you will join me - ready and willing to have me hold your hand from beginning to baby.

If you are ready, focused and committed to doing what it takes to create your dream, I look forward to connecting and showering you with love in the process.


Big love,

Gabriela Rosa | Founder, Clinical Director, Fertility Specialist at Natural Fertility Breakthrough



About Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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