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“Emerging infectious diseases have as much potential to shape future human history as the epidemics and pandemics of the past. Managing this threat depends on understanding how to maximize the potential of our sophisticated immune system in the service of human health.”

- Lindsay B. Nicholson,
Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol

If you are ready for an effective and proven strategy to help strengthen your immune system with many other additional health and fertility benefits (even if you are not currently trying to conceive), read on.




The COVID-19 pandemic has us currently questioning our very way of life in modern times. 

But what if, all this could also be the wake up we all need to understand how much more we can do to proactively optimize our health and fertility. And not just for now but also for our future generations as well?

You may feel like you have been trying to get pregnant for a ‘lifetime’ (and you maybe) but with the latest refusals of treatment, clinic closures, lockdowns and more—it’s understandable you may be feeling overwhelmed, fearful, powerless and plain lost on “what are the very best next steps I can take right now to get through this?”

And just when you felt like you had no time to waste on your fertility journey “this happens”!





With the lockdowns and all sorts of restrictions, you may be currently facing - the job of continuing to move forward on your journey to parenthood feels insurmountable. Especially when you may already not be feeling at your best.

And restricted access to the support you need just makes it all feel that much harder to endure right now - all the while, the fear, despondency and anxiety you feel have the potential to reach new heights.

You know you need something different to interrupt the pattern of ‘doom and gloom’ and you are ready for an effective solution.





A holistic approach to support every aspect of your health, immunity and fertility, delivered online and available to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.

Now is the time to strengthen your immunity and wellbeing.



Join me for 

The Immune Strong ™ Program

I want you to know that the right tweaks in your self-care routine can be enough to give yourself the best possible chance of getting pregnant, whilst avoiding the pandemic panic. 

We will not only “get through this”, we will thrive. And this program will show you how.

All you need to do is join us now.


This program is fully personalized and personally delivered online by, yours truly, fertility specialist and naturopathic medicine practitioner Gabriela Rosa, via video, audio, transcript and live webinars and is available to couples all over the world.

In this program, there will be an opportunity for daily live interaction and touchpoints with fellow peers, as well as useful group sessions with myself and the team for extra accountability, support, and motivation.






Coronavirus Facts

Avoid all confusion and separate coronavirus facts from fiction

  • What is Coronavirus
  • All you need to know about supporting your immune system to overcome viral infections 
  • Game-changing resources that will protect you and your family


The Immune System

Understand the interaction of the immune and reproductive systems

  • Anatomy & Physiology 101
  • The holistic approach to supporting immune function
  • Prevention is better than cure


Immune Strong Self-Care

Take charge of your health once and for all

  • Ultimate self-care strategies
  • Mindset reset for optimum health and fertility
  • Supporting your child, or prospective child’s immune system



What else is included in the program:


  • 1:1 Online, customized prescribing consultation with our expert naturopathic practitioner team so you can discuss immune strong solutions perfect for your current fertility situation;


  • Facebook Live sessions with fertility specialist and naturopathic medicine practitioner, Gabriela Rosa;


  • Immunity boosting and fertility promoting meal plans;


  • Many other holistic resources and practices to keep you immune strong whilst optimizing your fertility at the same time.



  • Understand all that is currently understood about the coronavirus - whilst we bust the latest myths also going around;
  • Unveil the strategies you and your partner need to avoid contracting infections;
  • Stop going around in circles without achieving the results you want by implementing my proven, straight forward, practical solutions to strong immune function for optimum fertility;
  • Live and exercise right for optimum immune function and fertility;
  • Through proven methods to balance the confusion, fear, and anxiety you may be currently facing, and how to use this current situation in your favour giving you time to focus on creating the very best version of yourself—guaranteed;
  • Curate the right mindset that makes the pandemic irrelevant to your fertility success;
  • And much more…




This fully personalised online program is for you if:


    • You are looking for an effective program you can participate in from the comfort of your own home - being in lockdown does not preclude you from learning everything you can right now to optimize your chances of creating and raising a beautiful healthy family;
    • You and/or your partner (living anywhere in the world) wish to optimise your immune function in order to optimise your fertility and increase your chances of creating a healthy baby—naturally or through assisted reproductive methods (if absolutely necessary);
    •  You have been refused fertility treatment until “it is safe to proceed”;
    • You feel like you’re running out of time and need to ensure your immune system (and fertility) are functioning optimally and you want to use this “waiting” time effectively in preparation for a healthy baby;
    • You have a weakened immune system or conditions affecting the immune system such as frequent cold/flu, recurrent miscarriage, endometriosis, hashimoto’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, coeliac disease, and more;
    • You feel unwell and need an extra boost;
    • You’re tired of going around in circles and are ready to work on healing your health and mind;
    • You want straight forward, effective and practical solutions because you don’t have all the time in the world to “wait”;
    • You know you can benefit from a mindset reset to optimize your health, immunity and your chances of holding the healthy baby of your dreams in yours sooner;
    • Even if you are not trying to get pregnant this program can help you;





This program kicks off 

30th March 2020.



AUD $99 ***

One off installment.

 (approximately USD$ 56 and GBP £49)