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Can I Conceive with Low AMH?

“Can I conceive with low AMH and have a baby?” “My ovarian reserve is low.” “My egg quality is low, Is there something I can do to improve it, am I ever going to be able to have a baby?”

Whatever way you choose to phrase the question the answer is very likely yes. We’ve had many women who have struggled with an AMH of less than 5 (even less than 1) with a normal FSH and other normal hormones and normal, regular ovulation who have been able to conceive and keep healthy babies to term.

Just because your AMH maybe low, it’s not necessarily true that you are not going to be able to conceive. What becomes more important is that we look into the various “minor factors” that may be getting in the way and creating a cumulative impact on your fertility.

Without further investigation we would be leaving a lot to chance. Lack of additional investigation is why low AMH has become closely associated with infertility.

If your AMH is low and your lifestyle is unhealthy, your diet is terrible, you’re not taking care of your body, guess what? You’re decreasing your chances by the minute. If you smoke, drink, if you take drugs, all of those things will decrease your chances of having a baby and of course low AMH can only exacerbate your situation.

Conversely you may say, “But I’m so healthy. I do all the right things, and my AMH is low and I am not able to conceive.” In which case, we need to dig even deeper.  We need to investigate some of the other aspects of your fertility – environmental, mental, biochemical aspects that maybe getting in the way.

It is possible to conceive with a low AMH.

You need to do the work, with your partner, because fertility is a team sport because if your AMH is low, you want to make sure that your partner optimizes his health and the quality of his sperm in order to increase your chances of success together.

Here’s the link to download a copy of the video transcript Can I conceive with low AMH?

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