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How Do I Improve Chances of Implantation

Q: How to improve chances of implantation?

A: There are many different things that you can do to optimize your fertility. When trying to conceive, being as healthy as you can, makes a huge difference to hormonal balance. A healthy diet goes a long way to delivering the nutrients you need. Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods can reduce unnecessary inflammation.

In my clinic the patients that go through our FERTILE method are required to put in place many self-care aspects  – improving diet, removing toxins and chemicals from their environment, making sure that their body is being nourished – in order to increase chances of implantation.

About to do IVF and wondering how to improve chances of implantation? Ensure the right nutrition and relax. Do not over stress or be too anxious about the outcome. Focus on being present and implement what you can control.

It’s a combination of living your best life now. Put in place the things that you can. Avoid things that you know are problematic – coffee, alcohol, smoking. Removing these from your lifestyle is going to help with the quality of the egg and the sperm. It takes two healthy prospective parents, healthy egg + healthy sperm to create a healthy embryo. So to establish the best possible foundation for your fertility, it is important that both you and your partner are working on this together.

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Here’s a full transcript How do I improve my chances of implantation?


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