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How Long Until the Changes Take Effect?

How long usually until the changes take effect and pregnancy is more likely to happen?

What we often don’t realize is that the changes that you make to optimize your fertility are designed to impact your fertility through focused implementation over many months. The vast majority of the couples who come and join us have been infertile for many, many years and it takes time for that to change.

From a biological perspective, what we know about the egg and its maturation cycle is that it takes about 4 months for the primordial follicles to become primary follicle and from primary follicle to ovulatory follicle, another 4 months.

The total egg maturation period is therefore 8 months. So despite the whole scaremongering around a woman’s age – “You’re getting older. You should start trying” – everything day that you take to prepare is another day towards a healthier egg and subsequently improves your chances of conception.

Many patients who we have helped were infertile for years – 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, as long as 19 years. Patients, who implemented my FERTILE methodology and have given birth to healthy babies naturally in their 40s because of the changes they make over many months, to improve their fertility.

The positive health changes you make today will make a difference within 4 months from now. Within another 8 months, even more of a difference. Some couples conceive within the first 4 months of implementing the changes. For some couples, that is all that it takes. For other couples, it takes a bit longer.

Minimum 120 Day Pre-Conception Preparation

The reality is that the longer you continue to routinely implement the recommendations we provide the better your fertility becomes. Every single step – consistently applied – the better your chances of success will be.

Improving your natural fertility is NOT something that you can undertake haphazardly, just as and when you feel like it. You must be consistent and committed to the changes that you’re implementing as a couple, as a team. This is how the couples we work with have transformed their results your chances of success in having a baby.

How long does it take? Well it really depends, how long is a piece of string. It’s cliché and it’s true. The reality of it is that each person will be different.

As I mentioned one of the mums we helped was trying to conceive, prior to seeing me, for 19 years. She had many multiple failed IVF attempts, had tried almost everything, none of which has work. She had PCOS, very irregular cycles, and many various “minor factors” getting in the way.

Over a 5-month period we addressed both her and her partner’s situations. She then conceived and now, after 19 years, they have a beautiful baby girl. I’ve had other patients who need to improvement sperm health, which took 9 months to see the changes take effect . Some people implement the changes from the [Fertility Challenge] and are pregnant within 3 months.

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