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How to Improve Egg Quality

How to improve egg quality, is the most frequently asked question I get, by far. It’s such an important topic because in my line of business, it’s all to common, for women to be told that “your eggs are no good” or “your egg quality needs to be improved” or “your egg quality is not as good as it should be”.

Now that upsets me, because for most women who have issues with IVF failure or natural conception, egg quality while relevant maybe only a part in the whole equation. It is never the only thing, which is why I always talk about the concept of “minor factors”.

Minor factors are based on a scientific approach to understanding any number of issues impacting fertility. The statistics shows that a couple at peak fertility has an average of 3 months’ time to pregnancy. You add 3 minor factors to the equation, and suddenly 3 minor factors is enough to give us an average of 40 years’ time to pregnancy.

Now a minor factor can be anything from, the egg is not working as well as it could, sperm motility or sperm not as healthy, hormone imbalance or nutritional deficiency. All of those things can be minor factors, which are going to impact the ability of a couple to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy to term. It is not going just to do with egg quality.

There are many things you can do to improve egg quality including improving your health, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation. The right types of nutrients can make a dramatic difference.

This is where a specialist practitioner can help guide you because supplementation is a very personalized situation. Even though you might have egg quality that needs to be improved, the way that is achieved for one person, may be completely different to how that gets done for another person because of the various factors that could be impacting egg quality and fertility health.

The one thing that you will not be able to improve is the amount, the number of eggs that you have, your ovarian reserve, but you will absolutely be able to improve your egg quality. To learn more about minor factors and cover which ones may be impacting your fertility we recommend Gabriela Rosa’s Fertility Challenge, as an introduction to the many actions you can take to boost your fertility.

Here’s the link to download a copy of the video transcript How to improve egg quality

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