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Make Your Own Nut Milk

I’m back in my kitchen to share how I make my own nut milk. It’s super easy, super quick, cheap and it’s a much healthier option than buying nut milk in tetra packaging, lined with either aluminum or plastic.

To help you avoid endocrine disruptors – which are very detrimental to your fertility – and reduce your fertility risk simply avoid tetra packs with my super simple, cheats way of making nut milk.

Now I have a confession, I am somewhat lazy when it comes to pre-planning meals, like pre making say nut milk for tomorrows breakfast, so I never do. Instead, I tend to make it on the spot. All you need is a  2:1 ratio of  water to nuts

This ratio applies to any quantity you wish to make and for any nut you choose. I’m using almonds. Generally it’s recommended that you soak the nuts overnight, which has the added benefit of activating them, however, I never remember to do this in advance, to be honest, who has the time?

  • STEP 1: I wash the nuts with filtered water to remove the aflatoxins or things like fungus’s that may grow on the surface of the nut.
  • STEP 2: Blend water and nuts for about 3 minutes which is long enough for it to be very homogenous, creamy and delicious.
  • OPTIONAL: Now ordinarily, you read in recipes to strain the milk with a nut milk bag; I don’t do any of that. Like I said, I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to these things.
  • OPTIONAL: If you want a little bit of a treat when you’re blending your milk, you could add a couple of dates to the mix a little bit of vanilla essence too.
  • STEP 3: Store in Glass, definitely not plastic. The fresh nut milk will keep for a couple of days in the fridge.
  • STEP 4: You can use this for cereals, drinks, smoothies, anything that you would ordinarily use milk for because a fertility diet is best to be gluten-free and dairy-free.

Another little tip that I will give you—when you’re making a smoothie, you don’t actually have to go through the process of making the milk first. Whenever I’m making a smoothie I use about a cup of water, I put about a quarter of a cup, maybe even a little less of nuts add my other ingredients and just blend it.

That way, the nut milk is made whilst you’re making the smoothie, to just speed the process of eating and drinking healthy fertility boosting foods. For more great fertility food recipes like this Register Now for the next Fertility Challenge.

Looking for a copy of the video transcript? Make Your Own Nut Milk_Natural Fertility Breakthrough Video Transcript


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