Should I Use an Ovulation Kit?

One of the questions I often get asked in my practice is should I use an ovulation kit, one of those pee-on-a-stick type kits. I am not the biggest fan of ovulation kits because they don’t help you if you have an irregular cycle, if your cycle varies, if ovulation varies and for the price you pay, I don’t find them very accurate.

Different ovulation kits can have different lead times to the LH surge, to ovulation. For some, it might be a couple of days before; for some, it’s the day before; for others, it’s like 3 days before, so it’s very difficult  –  unless you are charting your temperatures and secondary symptoms as well  – for an ovulation kit to predict ovulation and when you should be trying to conceive.

I believe the best way to gauge when you’re about to ovulate is the cervical mucus changes. When it becomes that like egg-white, very stretchy, that’s when you start to become fertile and your body is about to ovulate.

Start to tune in to those cycles throughout the month and the best way is to write it down on a chart. You might want to use an app. We recommend to use to chart your fertility signs so that you grow to understand your fertility signals for yourself, as opposed to peeing on a stick, which might not be accurate or reliable.

Some of these kits can cost as much as $50 for a week of testing. Most people, when they’re paying $50 for a week of testing will test for a couple of days and still miss ovulation because while you might pee on a stick today and for a couple of days, and see ovulation is signalled it could happen on any variation over the next seven days.

Nothing trumps knowing your body and knowing your own fertile signs. Start practicing and it will really start to transform your ability to predict when ovulation is occurring and it will give you the best possible chance of conception any given month.

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