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Whole Lemon Drink Instruction Video

Whole Lemon Drink Instruction Video :: Hands down the Whole Lemon Drink is one of the highlights of the Fertility Challenge both for people taking up the habit and for us here, because despite its simplicity, we get inundated with questions about exactly how to make it.

I hope with this video I can clarify just how simple this is, once and for all. Welcome to my kitchen, today I’m doing a quick demonstration of how to make the whole lemon drink. Now the whole lemon drink is amazing for a whole lot of things including but not limited to:-

• detoxification
• enhancing immune function and liver health
• assisting hormonal balance
• strengthening and improving cell membrane health
• improve digestion, so lots of wonderful benefits

How to make the whole lemon drink

We’ve got the lemons, which I’m going to use there organic from my little lemon tree. We also have the water, 1-1/2 cups of water. We have the lecithin, which is that brown powder right there. With lecithin, make sure that you don’t buy soy-based lecithin.

You want to make sure that you buy sunflower or egg. Sometimes it’s difficult to find egg, but really make sure that you are not using soy because it will negatively impact your hormonal balance. Sunflower lecithin will be the best thing to use.

Today, I’m using coconut oil. You can use coconut butter or even fish oil. My preferred is fish oil; the only reason I didn’t because I didn’t have enough liquid fish oil in my fridge today, but essentially the coconut oil is what we’re using for it right now.

The reason that I prefer liquid fish oil is because it helps to improve egg and sperm quality. There are some incredible benefits to coconut as well, but for fertility purposes, I do prefer the fish oil if you can bear it. The flavour gets hidden in the lemon drink anyway, you want the lemon drink to be a little bit bitter because that’s what helps to enhance the liver function,

I’ve got 2 capsules of vitamin E here. These are 500 IU each, international units, and you want to use 1,000 IUs if you’ve never had rheumatic fever. A knob of ginger; about the size of a golf ball. I’ve put in the water. We’re putting in the lemons. We’re putting in the coconut oil, the lecithin powder. Then we’re also going to be putting in the vitamin E capsules and the ginger, all in together and blend.

The secret is to blend it for about 2-3 minutes. The more you blend it, the less actually you have to strain the drink. That is the how you make this wonderful elixir, the whole lemon drink. Join us for the next Fertility Challenge and kick start you whole lemon drink habit.

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