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Emotional Weight Gain

Emotional weight gain contributes more to weight management than most people realise. Letting go is absolutely essential ‑ clutter in the environment, unsupportive emotions, old beliefs, all of those things can contribute to emotional weight gain.

Sometimes we hold on to things in our body, and often excessive weight can be about what it is that we’re holding on to, it can be about the clutter.

I have a patient who when she came to see me was 140 kilos and I talked to her and I said, “Look, you know it’s interesting because you don’t get to 140 kilos by loving yourself, do you?” She goes, “You’re absolutely, right, Gabriela, you don’t.”

Key to her process of finding balance was letting go of a lot of unsupportive emotions and a lot of old beliefs about herself and a lot of the clutter in her environment. This was one of the things that I worked with her to really focus on.

Emotional issues keep people overweight. Often people know, full well, they were overweight. They may even want to lose weight, except they don’t quite know how to go about it or they’re stuck/stalled in progressing weight loss because they are not making the best choices toward reaching their goal weight.

At the same time, many people do make good choices and yet despite their best efforts, nothing seems to working, or more correctly, nothing seems to be working as quickly as they expect and when they don’t see the results they want – perhaps only losing 1 kilo in the first fortnight – they give up because it seems “futile”, “too hard” or like it “isn’t working”. Before the full results of their hard work is visible they choose to console themselves with food, return to binge eating and unsurprisingly they put back on the weight they had lost.

Unfortunately, while you can not lose weight overnight in any healthy way, you can all to easily gain weight overnight through unhealthy food choices like binge eating, sugary foods, processed and junk food and high saturated fat intake.

Primary areas of fulfillments also apply, you need to answer “what are the things that I am not doing or I need to start doing to feel happier?” because this relates to the question as to why you’re I’m putting on or holding weight in the first place.

  • What is it that I’m missing?
  • What is it that I’m not focusing on
  • What is it that I’m trying to gain from eating and overeating?
  • What is it that I’m trying to fulfill?
  • What is the hole that I am actually living with?

Those are questions that you need to be able to answer if you are to have a permanent result because you need to learn to be able to nurture and fulfill yourself without necessarily having to put food in your mouth. At the end of the day if you are not having the result you need to figure out okay what is it that I’m doing to sabotage that result and what do I need to do differently.

The primary areas of fulfillment are physical, spiritual, mental, vocational – obviously that’s related to career – financial, social, and family. Figure out in those areas where you are and where you would like to be and start putting together some specific goals around those two because that believe it or not will help you, help achieve your weight loss goal because it will help to reduce your stress, it will help you let go of the things that you no longer have to hold on to. It certainly will help you to start to understand what it is that you need to do if you want to get the result that you are looking for.

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