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Portion Size Control for Fertility Weight Management

Portion size control is that 20 percent from which you can gain 80 percent of weight management your results.

So what I’d like you to do right now is this. I’d like you to close one of your fists, and with the other hand, basically cup it on top of your fist. This is the size of your stomach. This is how much food is allowed in your stomach at every one meal.

If you want to lose weight, if you want to have good digestion, if you want to be as healthy as possible, if you want to be as fertile as possible, you want to make sure that at every meal, you have no more than the fistful. That is the size of your meal portion including all your protein and vegetables .

Now if you wanted to have extra leafy salads, you can add that but again watch your portion size.

So, put both hands together to form a bowl with both your hands. Make sure that the tips of your fingers are touching and the end of your wrist, the bottom of your hands, the palm of your hands are touching as well.

Now open it up and you will form a tiny little ball with your hand. Essentially in there is how much you can have of your extra leafy vegetables and salads at every single meal.

You can eat portions like this, five to six times a day. And if you can stick to this then you are going to lose weight no matter what as long as you apply one extra little thing that you need to know about.

fresh raw meat on old wooden table to depict portion size control

Portion sizes other than the fistful, the next thing that you need to be really about is this: as far as your portion sizes are concerned, you want to make sure that if you open up the palm of your hand,

  • Chicken or read meat protein at each meal is the size and the thickness of the palm of your hand excluding your fingers
  • For fish you can actually include your fingers,
  • No more protein than this per meal.
  • Then you want to be vegetables as much as about the size of the palm of your hand again including your fingers.

If you put it all together, you want to make sure that it amounts to about the fistful.

  • Women, the way that you know is if you actually get a one-cup 250ml measuring cup, if you were to chop up all the food and put it on to your measuring cup, it would fit all in there.
  • For men, one and a half cups is what you would go for

Now remember you can have that six times a day. You’re not going to be hungry. You’re not going to be starving. If you wanted to have the foods that I recommend avoiding like pasta, rice, potato, you can, but you want to make sure that you choose low glycemic wherever possible.

Ideally, instead of just white potato, you could choose sweet potato and you could choose whole meal pasta, but mushy rice would be the best option and you want to make sure that the amount that you have is no more than a third of a cup cooked for women and a half a cup cooked for men. That is your portion size.

If you want to snack on nuts and things like that, the portion for nuts as a snack is six nuts on a daily basis and fruit as I mentioned before, one to two pieces of fruit a day. You can however snack on all your vegetables as much as you like.

Again you want to keep to your portions, which will be easy to do with veges, so ideally if you’re hungry, snack on your vegetables. You see it’s quite an easy thing.

You might be thinking right now, “Well, that sounds kind of so easy you know like it sounds like there’s nothing to it.” Well, actually there isn’t. There is nothing to it. It’s a fantastic way of making sure that you are eating for optimum health, digestion and of course optimum fertility and weight management.

This advice in combination with another super easy to implement secret weapon is how I get people to lose half a kilo to a kilo a week every single week, just by doing two little things. Join the next 7 Day Fertility Challenge to learn more.


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