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How to Create the Healthy Baby of Your Dreams

Learn how the 11 Pillars Of Fertility can help you to create the healthy baby of your dreams and discover why these 11 Pillars are the basis of our outstanding fertility treatment success rate.

All clinic programs are based on Gabriela’s trademark 11 Pillars of Fertility, shown to dramatically increase a couple’s chances of a natural conception, while reducing the likelihood of miscarriage. Gabriela’s programs have also shown to increase the odds for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI) procedures by as much as 47.1%

After you have downloaded the file, please follow this instructions:

  1. You will need to unzip the file. If you don’t know what this is or don’t know how to do it, please go to www.winzip.com and download the WinZip program.
  2. After you have downloaded, double-click on the file and go through the installation until it’s finished.
  3. Then, open the recording file and extract the .mp3 file to any folder on your computer you would like.
  4. Enjoy!

With Fertile Blessings,

Gabriela Rosa | Natural Fertility Specialist

Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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