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Sources of Heavy Metal in Your Home Environment

Heavy metal toxins can be causal factors in literally any health problem and because heavy metals cannot be degraded or destroyed they tend to bioaccumulate.

Bioaccumulation means an increase in the concentration of a chemical in the body over time, compared to the chemical’s concentration in the environment. They are immediately absorbed and due to their high toxic potential are quickly and deeply stored away in tissues such as the brain, liver, kidneys and bones to prevent immediate harm as they are not easily broken down, metabolized or excreted by the body.

Sources of Heavy Metal in Your Environment that Impact Fertility Health

Download PDF Sources of Heavy Metals

Due to their inability to be easily metabolized and excreted they also tend to accumulate further causing metabolic disruptions which can lead to infertility, poor sperm parameters and miscarriages. Heavy metal toxins have also been linked to malformation and abnormalities in the foetus as well as developmental concerns including autism.

For more information click the following link to read more on the dangers of heavy metal to your fertility which explains in greater detail the risk and impact of heavy metals. To support action to ‘clean out’ these lurking dangers from your home, you can download the list of sources of heavy metal toxins in your home environment and go investigate for yourself.


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