Frequently Asked Fertility Questions

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Welcome to our growing library of frequently asked fertility questions answered by leading natural fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa.

This FAQ library is provided to help you find answers to some of the frequently asked fertility questions people ask us here at Natural Fertility Breakthrough. We believe knowledge is empowering so our approach to natural fertility is supportive and education-based to help you learn how to optimise your fertility through insight about your body’s natural fertility signals.

There’s so much information available nowadays it can be hard to know which information to apply. Clients too often come to us exhausted, frustrated and despairing, overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice out there. We share answers here from general to specialist medical and fertility health issues based on almost 20 years of professional experience in the field of natural fertility.

On a daily basis our natural fertility experts answer questions about personal, specific, infertility and fertility challenges. Here you’ll find links to information about ovarian reserve and age, IVF and miscarriages, questions about nutrition, diet and supplements, questions about how lifestyle factors impact fertility or contribute to infertility, plus questions about our favourite fertility topic “unexplained infertility”. To download a searchable copy of the library click here.

Fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa offers practical advice on how to optimise your chances of getting pregnant fast, even if you are over 40 or think you may need to use IVF/ICSI

We encourage you to ask questions, seek answers and learn from other peoples experience, their questions, and answers because it is our experience that with fertility, as in life, there’s always the things we don’t know, that we don’t know. Get educated, find out as much as you possibly can about your own fertility situation because when it comes to “infertility” it’s the things that we don’t know, we don’t know, that keep us stuck.

Once you actually identify your individual minor factors – all the little things that can play a cumulative role in your fertility – then it’s a lot easier to regain control, take action and make a difference to your fertility outcomes.

If you don’t see an answer to your fertility question here you can try searching the fertility blog or connect via Facebook and fire your questions our way. Another option we encourage is participating in the 7 Day Fertility Challenge, from where most of these questions are sourced and answered.  If you require more specific information about your personal fertility journey please take the free fertility discovery questionnaire.


You Need to Quit Smoking & Drinking to Optimize your Fertility

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Will Surgical Removal of Fibroid Cause Infertility?

Why does weight affect fertility when you have no fertility issues?

When is the best time in a cycle to see an acupuncturist?

What’s the Significance of High Sex Hormone Binding Globulins in the Blood?

What’s the ideal weight for IVF?

What will make my period come back and me start ovulating?

What treatment do you suggest for natural killer cells?

What should I do about hypoglycaemic episodes?

What kind of washing powder and bleach is good to use?

What kind of fertility testing should I ask for?

What is your advice on preventing further growth of fibroids?

What is the best way to track ovulation?

What is healthy eating for fertility?

What is a Chemical Pregnancy?

What Fertility Supplements Do You Recommend?

What do you think about Himalayan pink salt?

What Do I Do Now the 14 Day Fertility Challenge is Over?

What days do you advise your patients to be intimate?

What Day of Your Cycle Should You Stop Trying to Conceive?

What can I do to support uterine lining and implantation during IVF?

We have made so many changes in the 14 Day Fertility Challenge

Vitamin D Supplementation

Vegetarian In Need of Gluten Free Alternatives

Vegan Diet & Fertility

Vaginal pH Level and Fertility

Using DHEA and CoQ10 to Increase AMH and Reduce FSH

Unfortunately this is a pretty common misconception…

Turmeric Latte Coffee Substitute

TTC Three Years GP Says No Action Needed?

Trying to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage and Failed IVF

Trying to conceive, how often should I have intercourse?

Trying to conceive is consuming my life

Trying to Conceive and Miscarriages

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Trust the Process

Trouble Conceiving Questioning Everything

Traditionally, at my age, people would say to give up. What are your thoughts?

Top Five Tips for Success Using Reproductive Assisted Methods

Toothpaste Without Fluoride

Timing & Sexual Positions for Conception Attempt

Thyroid, Fertility & Miscarriages

Thyroid Problems, Gluten & Dairy

Three Problems with Self-Prescription

Thoughts on Salt Lamps


The Whole Lemon Drink….

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The Fertility Journey as a Couple Part II

The Cause of Missed Periods and Their Side Effect on Fertility

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The 7 Day Fertility Challenge as a Basic Foundation

Taking Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil

Sperm Friendly Lubricants

Sleep Advice When I Work Nights

Side Effects From Diet Changes

Should we stop drinking alcohol before and after an IVF cycle?

Should my husband watch daily videos?

Should I Lose Weight Before Trying to Get Pregnant?

Shift Work vs Quality Sleep

Sexual Positions & Timing Conception Attempt

Setting Behaviour Based Goals

Serving Patients Living Outside Sydney

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Seeking Product Recommendations

Running in the Second Half of the Cycle and During Pregnancy

Recently Gone Gluten Free?

Raw Greens: Not Good for Hypothyroidism

Questions About Slow Cookers

Question about the Whole Lemon Drink

Pregnancy… should I continue with this eating plan?

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Personal Responsibility :: 7 Day Fertility Challenge Etiquette

Perimenopause & Conception at 45

Overweight & Diagnosed with PCOS

Ovary Removed for Borderline Cancerous Ovarian Cysts

Optimizing Your Chances of a Healthy Pregnancy after Preconception Preparation

Odd question but I recently heard someone discussing a vaginal steam…

Non-Toxic Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Nightshade Vegetables & Fermented Foods

Next Steps after Nine Failed Cycles of IVF

Natural Ways for Increasing the Uterine Lining

Natural Inflammation Control for Endometriosis

My husband can’t quit smoking. How can I convince him to stop?

My AMH level is 0.5 what are my chances of conceiving?

Most important thing to increase fertility in my mid 40s?

Metagenics for Weight Loss

Make Your Own Coconut Butter

Looking for Safe, Practical & Affordable Soap Alternatives

Leg Pains & Cramping from Knees to Hips during Periods

IVF Cycles with Abnormal Embryos at 47

IVF as a Solution for Tied Tubes

IVF & High Progesterone

Is Tofu OK for Fertility?

Is this program real?

Is there a good time to eat dinner?

Is the Air Fryer Fertility Friendly?

Is it possible to improve your AMH levels?

Is it possible to conceive naturally, with an AMH anti mullerian hormone level of under 10?

Is it okay to mix our herbs with our lemon drink?

Is it OK to reuse the same boiled water in the kettle?

Is Intermittent Fasting OK?

Is Coconut Oil Good for Hormone & During Pregnancy?

Is Almond Milk a Good Dairy Substitute?

Insights on MTHFR & B Vitamins