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If you are trying to conceive, it is safe to assume you want to create the healthiest possible baby, right?

While eating organic, fresh, unprocessed food is absolutely vital for access food nutrients and plant nutrients, which can dramatically improve your health and fertility, in our modern day lifestyle this strategy alone is often not enough. Particularly if you are hoping to produce fast and optimal results in the area of reproduction.

The egg released at each cycle during ovulation and the forming sperm are particularly vulnerable to damage in the 120 days leading up to a conception attempt. The best possible environment during this development is an ideal contribution towards optimum fertility and your child’s health in the future.

Proper Nutrient Levels are Key!

The body must have sufficient nutrients to ensure proper metabolic function, translating into better health and increased fertility. The more unimpeded each small component in the body is, in performing their little tasks, all of which require abundant vitamins and minerals levels, the easier the whole process becomes. Therefore, ensuring adequate amounts for the body’s biochemical functions is paramount!

Remembering that ideal amounts usually far exceed recommended daily intake levels (recommended by regulatory bodies). Each vitamin and mineral plays an important role in maintaining not only your health, but the health of your developing baby.

What happens when you don’t have enough building materials?

Here’s a useful analogy. Let’s imagine you are have begun a project for a gorgeous new house for your family… Although a quarter of the way through, the builders bring to your attention you are about to run out of cement. So you ask they put an order through and don’t think anymore about it—you want your house finished.

But when the new order finally gets there, the foreman realises that although no other cement order had previously arrived and they should have been out of cement for weeks, they still had not run out.

Upon questioning his builders, he finds out they were cutting corners and diluting the cement to make it last longer, and now there was no more time to go back and patch the areas that had weak cement. They just had to charge forth and complete the house.

A few months later cracks start to appear and in a couple of years down the track there are real problems. The house is your prospective child. Vital nutrients are the cement. Do you see the importance of not just any supplementation, but good quality, therapeutic products recommended by a professional?

Food with proper nutrient level

How the fertility nutrient deficit begins…

During periods of stress (which are constant these days), apart from literally shutting down “unimportant” bodily functions and system and focusing all its resources on the most important organs to ward off immediate danger, the need for vitamins and minerals becomes greatly escalated.

Our foods simply cannot provide more nutrients just because we need them and we don’t tend to have more nutritious food just because we are stressed. In fact, often the opposite happens. And this is a problem especially when fertility and reproduction as well as the healthy development of an embryo are at stake.

Most of our fruits and vegetables no longer contain the amount of nutrients our bodies require and due to the constant presence of stress in our day to day our nutritional requirements have exponentially increased. This leaves us with what I like to call The Fertility Nutrient Deficit.

Fulfilling this deficit during your preconception preparation is paramount and can only really be done with the appropriate therapeutic use of nutritional supplementation, which must then be continued during pregnancy and lactation in order to address a growing baby’s requirements. The Fertility Nutrient Deficit, (often coupled with environmental toxin exposure) is a major reason why, couples with ‘unexplained infertility’ do not conceive and millions of others have difficulty.

When our body’s lack vitamins and minerals, or intake is insufficient the metabolic processes they are supposed to fuel, simply are unable to occur. This places the body in an even greater state of stress or need for adaptation, which may dramatically reduce fertility.

Your best insurance policy for the 21st century

Nutritional supplementation therefore is your insurance policy for health, fertility and the development of a healthy child. It ensures enough nutrients in the system for all the necessary processes to take place. Supplementation also fills in any gaps in one’s diet to ensure all systems, particularly reproduction will function at optimum levels.

The body’s primary goal is survival. Fertility is a secondary, even tertiary concern. Something the body will do if and when there are not other more important matters at stake. One of the ways to escalate its priority is to ensure the body has more vitamins and minerals (to a safe level) than it needs. This way it can start storing nutrients in vital organs for later use, just like recharging a battery. Once this is done, it’s is one less thing for the body to be concerned with and it can devote more vital resources, like energy and nutrients to fertility.

It is essential however, you do not self prescribe or just pick something off the shelf and hope for the best, you and your child’s future are just too important. Be sure to ask a qualified practitioner for advice.

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