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Nourishing fertility requires healthy eating

Irrespective of your medical history, how you arrived at this point, or your future conception plans, you, you partner and your prospective child can and will benefit from implementing a healthy diet to the best of your ability for at least the 120 days required for the maturation of the egg and the formation of the sperm before a healthy conception can take place. Regardless of whether you are aiming to overcome fertility problems, or simply would like to do everything you can to have the healthiest baby possible, this is the surest way to realise your dreams.

Wondering How To Get Started with Healthy Eating?

One thing that can instantly revolutionise about the way you nourish your body is to plan and organise your meal schedule ahead of time. By that I don’t mean any old “I might steam some vegetables tomorrow night for dinner” type of planning, but a proper schedule of everything you plan to eat and drink throughout your entire week. It will have a tremendously positive impact on the sustainability of you commitment to improved eating habits.

I can already hear some people saying, “You can’t be serious?” Well, I am very serious. The reason I suggest this to every patient, as well as practising it in my own life, is because the benefits are incredible.

Once you begin, you will see how much it helps to improve every aspect of your life. It will give you more time to do things you enjoy, you will spend less time grocery shopping, you will spend less time in the kitchen and you will know you are eating healthy food.

With a healthy eating guide, you will also save money on your grocery bills and no longer waste it on food going off in your fridge. And then there are the direct health benefits of improved energy and concentration, better immune function and weight normalisation (very important for optimum fertility in both men and women). Simply by knowing what, when, and how much you are going to eat, and, most importantly, by having it there when it’s time to eat it, you will overcome the most common mistakes when it comes to healthy eating.

The Body Craves Security!

eat healthy foods

You don’t have to worry about missing spontaneity when you have a plan—believe it or not, our brains relish the security of knowing what our next meal will be and that it is just around the corner. It’s a welcome change from the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, who were constantly under physiological stress from not knowing when, or what, the next meal was going to be.

Even though life has changed significantly since then, our bodies still respond in very much the same way to something they perceive as being a stressful situation, and starvation is stressful, even when we know it’s very unlikely to happen. Stress of any type, even hypothetical, will affect your fertility, so our aim is to avoid it.

You Will Still Socialise…

You can still socialise and go to your favourite restaurants, you just need to plan for it—after all, we should eat 90% for the body and 10% for the soul, so we just need to make sure that the 10% is actually 10% and does not unwittingly become 90%. So, this whole idea of planning and organising ahead of time will simply keep you on track with the certainty that you are (truly—not just in your imagination) doing the best for your health when it comes to what you eat.

It’s difficult to accurately remember (try it now, I dare you!) what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner three days ago, let alone a week ago. So it is no surprise that even though we believe we are eating well because we did so yesterday, it’s only when we actually track our progress by writing things down that we suddenly realise, “Oops! Things are not quite as I thought…” So, this is a great habit to get into. Besides, a little discipline and organisation in this department is only going to help you down the track with a growing family.

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy!

Another important benefit of planning your meals is that you and your family will be much less likely to fall prey to all the fast food marketing in the media. Research shows that when you have a set eating plan you are less likely to be influenced by, or even pay attention to, commercials. A very interesting and entertaining read on the food and eating traps we unknowingly set for ourselves is Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink.

Keep in mind that any change in routine will take a little getting used to, so don’t despair if your wonderful plan does not flow smoothly to start with. Give yourself a good few weeks (at least six) to adapt to your new way of life before deciding that you are ‘just not cut out for this’. It may, indeed, turn out that this approach is not for you. I’m the first to admit it is not for everyone, but have seen enough patients to know that it works really well for around 90% of people.

Be sure to surround yourself with all the support you need to make your dream of creating the healthiest possible child a reality and when it comes to something as important as your food you will want quality resources so be sure to get yourself a copy of Eat Your Way To Parenthood: The Diet Secrets of Highly Fertile Couples Revealed.

Always make sure to have a healthy eating habit to achieve proper nourishment.

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