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Electromagnetic Radiation Can Damage Fertility

Electromagnetic radiation comes from many sources and is constantly present in our modern environments. Most of its effect on your body is damaging but quite inconspicuous, you often only know the exposure was problematic in hindsight.

Damage from various types of radiation can affect sex cells, developing embryos and growing children, and it also plays a role in many diseases because of the damage caused to cellular DNA. This renders the body unable torepair its ‘injuries’, causing mutations that can then be passed along to the next generation of cells.

What is the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible electromagnetic energy. At the lower end is non-ionising radiation, which includes ultraviolet (UV), visible light, infrared (IR), microwave (MW), radio frequency (RF), and extremely low frequency (ELF). Non-ionising radiation is essential to life, but excessive exposure can cause tissue damage. At the other end of the spectrum is ionising radiation, which includes X-rays and gamma rays. This radiation has more energy than non-ionising radiation and is consequently more dangerous. It has enough energy to cause chemical changes by breaking chemical bonds and can damage living tissue.

Many man-made devices make use of electromagnetic radiation and in our homes and workplaces, electro magnetic fields (EMFs) emanate from the wires that deliver the electricity and from all the appliances and devices plugged into power points—such TV’s, DVD’s, microwave ovens, radios, computers, electric clocks, etc.) EMFs can have the same effect on the body as geopathic stress (and the other types of radiation already described), and in time may lead to health and fertility problems as well as lowered immune function.

Electromagnetic Radiation Dangers

Home and Environment-Science-ElectromageneticStudies have connected EMFs to health problems such as behavioural changes, birth defects, memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease. Studies on mice show that exposure to low frequency EMFs leads to offspring being born underdeveloped. One theory about how EMFs disrupt normal body function is that they interrupt the typical role of calcium in the brain. Another theory is that EMFs affect how cells grow and reproduce.

There are many theories; however it comes down to the fact that each cell in the body contains positive and negatively charged elements that are kept in a delicate balance on the inside and outside of the cell wall. EMFs disorder and disrupt this critical balance, which disturbs the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate cellular activity.

EMFs have very real health consequences, not only for you, but also for your developing baby, and growing children. Scientists found that rats exposed to electromagnetic fields for 30 days had more problems than unexposed rats when learning to press a bar on command. Exposure had affected their memory and cognitive abilities. It also affected the next generation—exposed offspring throughout uterine development, and for nine days after birth, developed permanent learning disabilities.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic fields are almost unavoidable. They easily penetrate walls and our bodies. Hence the importance of avoiding and changing all the things you have control over, because for each aspect of life we know can negatively affect fertility, there are many more we are still unaware about and/or can do nothing to change. So for the sake of your health and fertility—do the absolute best you can and give your body the minimum 120 days required for optimum results.

Mobile phone may cause infertility due to electromagnetic radiationOne of areas of your home that is of the highest concern when it comes to EMFs is your bedroom. Many researchers and scientists now feel that electromagnetic fields, both from within and without the bedroom, are the single biggest factor in poor sleep, and poor health. Most people have a number of electrical devices in their bedrooms such as clock radios, TVs, stereos, electric blankets, computers, computer games, etc. Any or all of these can ruin your sleep and substantially increase your risk of developing a number of illnesses including fertility problems.

While you sleep, you move into unconsciousness and your body relaxes. In this vulnerable state, research indicates that you are 100-150 times more open to damage from EMFs than when you are awake. Children are often up to 1,000 times more sensitive to these fields when they are asleep. A TV screen in your bedroom will radiate energy all night, even after it has been unplugged. However, the worst of all electrical bedroom appliances are clock radios, electric alarm clocks, electric blankets, and waterbed heaters.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure and its Unhealthy Effects

The good news is that there are a number of ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs:

Keep all electric appliances out of the bedroom (clocks, TV’s, computers, stereo, electric blanket). This is extremely important. However if it is not entirely possible (e.g. you live in a studio) ensure that all appliances are at least two metres away from the bed, and that no electrical wires run underneath the bed;
Make sure that you move your bed if there are electrical appliances plugged in on the other side of the wall where your bed head is located. This is especially important if they are large devices such as computers, televisions or fridges;
Replace your alarm clock with a battery-operated device;
Always sit more than 1.5 metres away from television sets;
Do not use or own a microwave, and be sure never to look through the doors of a microwave oven in operation or stand in the same room when one is in use;
Avoid taking jobs or living in areas where EMF exposure could be high;
Where possible, try to locate bedrooms towards the rear of the house—this will dramatically reduce the exposure from power lines at the front of the house;
Move your bed away from an external wall that has an electric hot water heater or a fuse box on the other side;
Rearrange your office and home areas so that you are not exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the sides/backs of electric appliances and computers;v
In the home, it is best that all major electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators etc, be placed up against outside walls;
Ensure that you do not sit too close to your computer;
Replace VDU monitors with flat screens;
Install a circuit disconnection switch to eliminate electric fields from your sleeping area. These are highly recommended for your bedroom as well as children’s rooms and nurseries;
Turn OFF and unplug appliances when not in operation. Devices with a remote control that are simply put on ‘stand-by’ are still drawing current and radiating;
If you suspect problems, or just for peace of mind, you may wish to have an electromagnetic survey done in your home. This is especially recommended for people with long standing fertility problems and/or suffering from miscarriages;
Completely avoid all sun beds and solariums;
Consider moving if you live (or work) near a transmitter, electricity substation or high voltage power lines;
Turn off your computer monitor if you are in front of it but not using it for long periods of time, also maximise your distance from the monitor when not in use;
Be aware that computers emit the highest levels of radiation from the back and sides—consider this at your workplace especially if you are sitting in close proximity to other computer operators as the sides and backs of their computers may present a hazard.
Laptops emit greater radiation than PCs when plugged into power. Use your laptop on battery wherever possible;
Never work with your laptop on your lap, heat and radiation will be increased around the region that matters most—this is undesirable;
To absorb some of the radiation, place containers of Epsom salts in front and at the sides and back of your computer, when the crystals become powdery it’s time to replace them;
Potted plants (e.g. peace lilies) are wonderful for absorbing radiation and purifying the air. Place some potted plants next to your computer, around the office and in your home. See more information about plants as an ‘anti-radiation device’ in Gabriela Rosa’s natural cleaning book: The Awful Truth About Cleaning Products And Fertility Exposed;
Ensure your bed does not have a metal frame;
Replace waterbeds (see www.tempur.com—for the best mattress you could ever sleep on);
Eliminate carpets from your home and install low volatile organic compounds (VOC) wood or tile flooring.
Eat certified organic, grass-fed beef, free range, hormone free and antibiotic meats and eggs.

Finally, here are some ways you can avoid static electricity, which can also be detrimental to health and fertility:

  • Avoid wearing rubber-soled shoes and choose leather wherever possible. Rubber soles and synthetic carpets can create a high level of static build up in the body;
  • Always choose natural fibres for clothing and furnishings in order to reduce static build up;
  • Other things or situations that can create static electricity include—computers, photocopiers, hair dryers, synthetic clothing and furnishings, and cars and dry winds.

Education leads to empowerment and you can make a difference to your personal environment by making some simple changes in your daily choices. Reducing your daily EMF exposure wherever possible can make a huge difference to your fertility and the health of your baby. Make the change you are all worth it! For more information about dangers in your home environment read how electromagnetic radiation from modern technology can harm your fertility and how electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can cause infertility.

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