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Home » How to Get Pregnant » 131 Ways To Put More Fun Into Your Life When Trying To Get Pregnant

It’s so easy to get caught up in the seriousness of how to get pregnant.

However creating a baby is exactly that—a creative process. Sometimes to relax your focus from the outcome and start having more fun in the process is the very thing that can speed up the ‘waiting’.

So I thought I’d compile a list of fun, healthy ‘hobbies’ and activities to fuel your own ideas and help you get started with having more joy whilst trying to get pregnant and create the healthy baby of your dreams.

  1. Aerobics;
  2. Amateur video & film making (beware of too much computer work though);
  3. Aquarium keeping (be aware of chemicals);
  4. Archery;
  5. Architecture/designing buildings;
  6. Astrology;
  7. Astronomy;
  8. Babysitting;
  9. Badminton;
  10. Baking;
  11. Ballet;
  12. Ballroom dancing;
  13. Baseball;
  14. Basketball;
  15. Bird watching;
  16. Bowling;
  17. Calligraphy;
  18. Camping;
  19. Canoeing;
  20. Card games;
  21. Checkers/chess;
  22. Collecting autographs;
  23. Collecting banknotes (wear gloves to avoid contact with paints and other chemicals used in printing as well as bacteria and viruses);
  24. Collecting baseball cards;
  25. Collecting coins (should be handled with gloves);
  26. Collecting newspapers, postcards, photographs, posters, etc;
  27. Collecting porcelain dolls;
  28. Collecting stamps;
  29. Collecting wines (but not drinking them!);
  30. Community theatre;
  31. Cooking;
  32. Supporting loved ones;
  33. Creative writing;
  34. Cricket (men, wear protective boxes!);
  35. Cross-stitch;
  36. Crossword puzzles;
  37. Dancing;
  38. Designing clothes;
  39. Designing dolls, doll houses, doll clothes (be careful with plastic and textiles);
  40. Digital (only) astrophotography;
  41. Digital photography;
  42. Drawing;
  43. Drinking filtered water;
  44. Eating nutritious food;
  45. Embroidery;
  46. Enjoying classical and relaxation music;
  47. Feng shui;
  48. Gathering beetles;
  49. Genealogy;
  50. Giving massages;
  51. Going to amusement parks;
  52. Going to museums;
  53. Golf;
  54. Gymnastics;
  55. Handwriting analysis;
  56. Helping the less fortunate;
  57. Hiking;
  58. Historical trekking;
  59. Horse riding;
  60. Hula hooping;
  61. Ice skating;
  62. Interacting with your family;
  63. Interactive storytelling;
  64. Jazzercise;
  65. Jigsaw puzzles;
  66. Joining initiatives to help other members of your community;
  67. Journaling;
  68. Karaoke;
  69. Karate;
  70. Kayaking;
  71. Kite flying (avoid paraffin use on lines and be cautions of adhesive use);
  72. Knitting;
  73. Latin dancing (samba, capoeira, salsa, etc);
  74. Learning foreign languages;
  75. Magic tricks;
  76. Meccano sets;
  77. Meditation;
  78. Musical composition;
  79. Organic gardening (strictly organic and always wear gloves and masks);
  80. Origami (wear gloves when possible as excessive paper dye exposure can be toxic);
  81. Performing in a band;
  82. Planting trees;
  83. Playing a musical instrument;
  84. Playing board games;
  85. Playing dominoes;
  86. Playing drums;
  87. Playing guitar;
  88. Playing in an orchestra;
  89. Playing outdoor games;
  90. Poetry;
  91. Puppetry;
  92. Quilting;
  93. Rapping;
  94. Reading and learning;
  95. Rock climbing;
  96. Roller skating;
  97. Rowing;
  98. Running (avoid main or busy roads);
  99. Sailing;
  100. Sculpture (definitely wear masks);
  101. Sewing;
  102. Singing;
  103. Skateboarding;
  104. Snooker/pool;
  105. Soccer;
  106. Socialising;
  107. Song writing;
  108. Specialty cooking;
  109. Sports memorabilia collecting;
  110. Star watching;
  111. Stretching;
  112. Studying;
  113. Sudoku;
  114. Swimming in the ocean (avoid all chlorinated pools, lakes and rivers they may be highly toxic—beware! Do not swim in the ocean for at least 3-4 days after heavy rain due to pollution run off);
  115. Table tennis;
  116. Tai bo;
  117. Tai chi;
  118. Taking a bath (without bubble bath, use 100% pure essential oils only and ideally have a water filter on the taps).;
  119. Tap dancing;
  120. Teaching;
  121. Trampolining (great during preconception for women but not during pregnancy);
  122. Transcendental meditation (TM);
  123. Ventriloquism;
  124. Visiting the elderly ;
  125. Volleyball;
  126. Voluntary social work;
  127. Walking your dog;
  128. Watching movies;
  129. Wood carving (wear masks and avoid any wood paints, varnishes and lacquers);
  130. Word puzzles;
  131. Yoga.

Start today to prioritize fun in your life whilst at the same time focusing on preparing you and your partner’s body for optimum health—these are the two most reliable ways of overcoming fertility problems and creating the healthy pregnancy and baby you want to create. Enjoy! For more tips and advice on how to get pregnant fast, please consult our natural fertility specialist.


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