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Choose Change

Many people do not choose change, despite its inevitability. Yet if you’re struggling to conceive I can tell you right now, there are many positive ways that you can choose to change that will boost your fertility.

I feel my mission is to empower and inspire as many people as possible to understand what it is that they can do, what it is that they can take personal responsibility for and ownership in their lives, what actions you can take every single day in order to optimize health and fertility.

I mean wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to rid ourselves from disease or from imbalances that occur on a daily basis because of the choices that we make and the environmental factors that we are faced with.

Ultimately, I believe that education leads to empowerment.When you understand what the dangers are, and know what you need to do in order to reduce health risks and improve your fertility outcome, then you’re much more likely to embark on those changes and make choices that have been shown to not only increase the natural ability of a body to produce a healthy baby but also dramatically improve the health of that child when the child is born.

Now one of the really exciting things about things that you can do to improve your chances whether it is at conception or carrying a pregnancy to term and delivering a healthy baby is to make sure that you start preparing now. No matter what stage you’re actually in and here’s why.

You see by 8 weeks’ gestation, a baby’s entire health blueprint is set for the rest of their life. It’s really, really important that at that point, the pregnancy is already in place and it’s really vital that the building blocks, the nutrients, all the things that need to be in place for a healthy conception and pregnancy to take place should already be in there.

The health of the child becomes the lowest common denominator of both prospective parents’ health prior to a conception attempt. What this means to you is that your health right now is going to dictate the health of your child. Of course, this is a combination factor, so it means that both partners that need to embark on this.

Your health and the health of your partner today is what’s going to dictate how healthy your child is going to be in the future. It takes approximately 120 days for the egg to develop and the sperm to form. What this means is that the health of your pregnancy and the health of your egg and sperm today is what happened in the previous 120 days.

Now I don’t want to scare anyone. If you are already pregnant, that’s okay because there are lots of things that you can do in order to optimize your chances of continuing to support your pregnancy.

If you really want the absolute best results and you’re not pregnant yet and/or you’re having trouble conceiving, you need to make sure that you are starting to prepare and protecting your fertility as much as possible now.

Choose change. You can improve your fertility and it really is important that you start now.

There is a definite place for making sure that you are protecting and detoxing your fertility as much as possible because that’s going to be one of the ways on your path towards actually a healthy baby.

Optimum fertility requires a holistic approach. It is based upon how healthy the body is, but it again requires a team effort. It’s important that both partners are involved as much as possible.

Sometimes I talk to couples in my practice, and they tell me about different habits and things that they do in their lifestyle like for example smoking or drinking alcohol.

Of course, you know those things are going to be very detrimental to fertility and there are so many studies nowadays that show that drinking and smoking cause problems in regards to conception.

Unfortunately some people feel that it is too difficult to be able to do the right thing. Addictive behaviours are like that. In which case I will question couples about how much they really want to have a healthy, happy baby.

I’ve developed what’s called the 11 pillars of fertility. According to the 11 pillars of fertility, there are at least 11 areas that we really need to address in order to make sure that it gives both partners the absolute best chance of conception, of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term, and making sure that the baby is as healthy as possible.

Making lifestyle changes is a big thing, and for some people, it can be a really difficult thing. Some people are very skeptical about making lifestyle changes, but at the end of the day, this approach works. I’ve seen it in my practice. I’ve seen this work for colleagues.

I’ve also seen the research. Harvard University conducted a study in 2008 with over 17,000 people, and they showed that a fertility diet and a fertility lifestyle improved conception rate by 69 percent.

If you are ready to choose change to do anything you can to hold your baby in your arms then welcome, you’ve come to the right place because Fertility Starts Here, find out how we can help you.


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