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Be fertility wise! Ask questions, question everything. It’s simple!

Infertility is not a prison sentence and in most cases it is NOT permanent state, however, unfortunately a lot of the education provided around this topic is biased and tends to leave couples feeling like the complete opposite of this is the only truth.

Because of this many couples make choices based on fear and their insecurities—at their most vulnerable. As a result unfortunately, their choice are not always exactly be what they need most in a moment of feeling totally terrified about what it could mean if they didn’t just jump at their doctor’s first recommendation to “rush into the IVF clinic at once because your eggs are getting old!”

I often ask myself what is wrong with this picture and when these are the types of conversations are going on in consultation rooms all over the world I find enough to write a 300 page book on the topic.

Of course this is not a sweeping generalisation because there are many exceptional, integrative medicine doctors out there who really do take the whole person into the consideration. And they truly understand and impart onto those who seek them out how much one can do to optimise health and fertility by simply making better informed daily choices.

But what happens to those people who are not as knowledgeable or educated? And who rely on the traditional medical establishment—for the magic cure—focused on suppressing symptoms and by-passing the root cause of problems and imbalances because many have learnt to associate technology with “better”?

I believe only balanced education can lead to true empowerment but when we are forced into making choices based only on statistics (of generally less than optimally healthy people!) and other people’s fears—serious questions need to be asked.

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More ways and examples to become fertility wise!

Are couples receiving all the key, unbiased information necessary to make fully informed fertility decisions in their individual circumstances?
Example: One of my patients, 32 year old, tried to conceive for 8 months, came to me for a fertility alignment, then on her 3rd conception attempt she had to get a doctors opinion on an ovarian cyst was told to rush to IVF because she was 32 and didn’t want to be wasting any time. The interesting fact is that she became pregnant naturally the very next month—having to cancel the scheduled procedure to remove the ovarian cyst)
When guided solely by the traditional medical establishment, do couples fully understand the impact of their choices on their conception ability and the health of their prospective child?
Example: Another one of my patients was recently told by her doctor there is a lot of debate on whether a healthy diet can improve fertility… But what about the 17,544 people Harvard Study published in 2007 by Chavarro et al. that concluded a healthy diet boosts fertility?)
How much vested interested in artificial reproductive therapies guide a doctor’s treatment recommendation and the education they choose to impart?


Example: I witnessed a prominent medical doctor tell a room of 200 people when one couple asked, that despite them being severely overweight they didn’t need to lose weight or stop smoking to go through IVF because “we can get around these things with IVF”. He was a financial stakeholder in the business.

The fact is that some couples will never conceive without the assistance of technology. IVF and ICSI are fabulous tools but should only be used as a last resort—and not in the way it is used these days where nearly 50% of IVF procedures are unnecessary (Find out more about this statistic here).

As with most medical procedures of course there can be some wonderful benefits but there are also drawbacks and consequences people need to understand fully before embarking on this path.

Above all you need to know you can make a difference to your outcome irrespective of the path you end up choosing. Creating the healthiest possible baby depends on two very healthy prospective parents.

If you are unsure of where to begin, start optimising your health by acting pregnant now if you want to get pregnant later. And yes, this does apply to both prospective parents!

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