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So you are considering giving these types of assisted reproductive technology therapies such as IUI, IVF or ICSI a go but at the same time you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to improve your chances of creating a truly healthy baby.

Before you embark on your assisted reproduction journey there are a few things you need to be really clear about and some key things you must do for the best possible results. The first step begins with optimum preparation. Before you can make a new decision or choose ART you and your partner must be in excellent health to maximise your chances through these assisted reproductive therapies.

Are You in Optimum Health Now?

This is an essential question to which the answer must be yes before you consider any form of ART or even (ideally) start trying to conceive naturally.

You see, by 8 weeks gestation a baby’s health blueprint is set for the rest of their life. All the little organs and fingers prints are created—from this point they just grow. What this means is that your prospective child’s health becomes the lowest common denominator of both prospective parents at the time of conception.

How does this affect you?

Well, essentially it means that the time to optimise a child’s health or increase your odds of a healthy conception is not during pregnancy but before a conception is even in place.

Double Your Chances of IVF and ICSI Working

Here’s another very important reason to prepare you and your partner’s bodies prior to using ART: You can double your chances of taking home a happy healthy baby, which automatically also translates into less heartache, less expense, healthier baby, happier parents and much more!

Foresight, the Association For Preconceptual Health Care in United Kingdom collated some key research data that shows when couples optimise their health for at least 120 days immediately preceding a conception attempt—their success rate for IVF more than doubled!

Double Your Chances if Choosing Assisted Reproductive Therapies

There are three key areas that must be addressed to strengthen your 11 Pillars of Fertility. These are like the three sides that make up a triangle: The emotional, biochemical and physical aspects of ‘you’.

For an effective holistic approach to optimise your natural fertility and/or your chances through ART, all three areas need to be in alignment for best results. When all these areas are working well and in unison and blockages are removed from your system—much changes in your favour.


Preparing your body in this way for at least 120 days preceding a conception attempt improves the health of the DNA that is passed onto your child and future generation. In addition this step also decreases the risks and potential abnormalities and complications associated with increased age.

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