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Charting Your Basal Body Temperatures IVFWith my patients undergoing IVF, I often don’t get them to do their body basal temperatures. There’s already so much going on as it is.

And as far as understanding your cycle and whether you’re ovulating the whole process of IVF with blood tests and ultrasounds, essentially means that you are going to know when you’re ovulating or when you have ovulated, or what is actually going on without the need to chart you body basal temperature.

For example, if you’re having a fresh cycle, the purpose is to actually collect as many eggs as possible, so that’s going to be a monitored process. If you’re going for a frozen embryo transfer, then they’re waiting for you to ovulate before they can actually put the embryo back in. Same situation ‑ they’re going to be monitoring that whole process for you anyway, so you don’t necessarily need to do it for the particular purpose of getting pregnant through IVF.

That said charting your body basal temperature is helpful if you want to understand more about what’s going on is a great way of understanding how the body is operating and certainly understanding more about thyroid function. With IVF ideally, issues like thyroid have already been addressed so you understand and know exactly what your body is doing and whether your thyroid is working well and whether there are areas that need to be addressed.

If you don’t know that, then we can help. We have a Boost your IVF success program where we really do take patients through everything that they need to have the best possible chances through IVF, so that’s something we can certainly talk about.

It’s not going to be necessary to take your body basal temperature while going through IVF, but as I said before, you can if you feel that you want to know where you’re at click here to  download free a basal body chart from our free resources section



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