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If you’re considering IVF increase chances by preparing your body before undergoing treatment.

It takes approximately 120 days for a healthy egg to mature and sperm to form. The health of you and your partner’s sex cells today is the result of a huge combination of factors. Your health, wellbeing and stress levels, as well as your immediate environmental exposures generally spurred on by your choices and actions, especially during the preceding 16 weeks–have a huge impact on your fertility outcomes.

Much research has been dedicated to understanding the effects of positive health interventions such as diet, lifestyle, stress reduction (and more)–on natural and assisted conception results. Although the full benefits are not yet completely understood, specialized research organizations worldwide, including the World Health Organization agree the benefits of health optimization prior to an IVF attempt or natural conception are sufficient to be worth putting the effort in preparation for the best possible outcome.

What Does It Take To Boost Your Fertility?

In order to create a happy and healthy baby naturally or with the help of IVF chances, a comprehensive approach to optimum health is essential. Often the appropriate stress management tools and specific dietary and lifestyle changes can make all the difference to your health and fertility. If we were to use an analogy–these self-care fertility boosters can be compared to the hinges of a door, which help to facilitate the IVF process. If the hinges are broken or rusted, sure the process can still go ahead and may even be successful, but the extra effort, stress and perhaps even the damage the door may endure from being dragged open or shut is unnecessary and can be prevented.

In saying this, of course an IVF attempt can be successful without ensuring one’s health is optimal, however wouldn’t you be happier knowing that by putting in place some proven strategies to boost your health you will also be increasing your chances of taking home a healthier baby?

With this in mind I developed the FERTILE Method, based on my 11 Pillars of Fertility to help and guide you in improving the areas of your life and health, which will result in better fertility outcomes.

Being as proactive as possible in improving and protecting your health from poor daily choices is the best way to improve your odds of a healthy conception and the chances of taking home the baby of your dreams.

As the supporting structure to optimum fertility, the 11 Pillars of Fertility represent the following main areas: healthy diet, proper fluid intake and balance, appropriate physical activity, good quality sleep, effective stress management, adequate nutrient intake, avoidance of environmental toxins and challenges, optimum holistic and general health, good male and female reproductive health, as well as a positive mental attitude and the resolution of potentially detrimental emotional blockages.

There are many aspects of your day to day that can either help to support your pregnancy attempts or evade your dream. Here are the top 3 natural ways to boost your fertility and take home a healthier baby.

1. What You Eat Becomes Part Of You
Within three days (post consumption) everything you eat and drink will become a part of your body. What you ingest (food or drink) has the potential to affect your blood sugar levels, your nutrient intake and absorption, as well as your cellular and general health, which means your hormonal balance and therefore your fertility can also be affected. Of course what goes into your body will also impact the health of your developing baby.

To ensure your diet has a positive effect on your ability to conceive and to support the healthy development of your prospective child, ensure you consume fresh, organic, unprocessed foods wherever possible. Base your meals on fresh vegetables and quality protein (e.g. eggs, fish, chicken, beef etc)–regularly. Small meals every three hours will ensure improved energy levels, brain function, hormonal balance, weight control amongst many other benefits–all of which lead to improved fertility.

2. Your Lifestyle And Immediate Environment
This may surprise you, however studies show that even 1 glass of alcohol, or 1 cup of coffee a day each have the ability to decrease fertility by 50%! Both coffee and alcohol have been shown to change the pH in the lining of the endometrium, decreasing the embryo’s ability to implant in the uterus. There are other reasons for completely avoiding these substances during an IVF cycle and even for months prior to a conception attempt due to the negative impact they can have on other areas of health including nutrient depletion. You will undoubtedly agree, this is a small sacrifice to make in exchange for a healthier and happier baby outcome.

There are many other personal and environmental exposures that can impact your health and decrease your chances of having the healthiest possible baby. The problem is that the assault usually comes from unexpected sources such as chemicals in perfumes, cleaning and pest control products, tap water, cosmetics; radiation from computers, mobiles phones, WIFI; exposure to heavy metals, fumes, paints, plastics and a whole lot of other potential health and fertility hazards you may be unaware about. The key is to find out what potentially may affect your fertility and avoid exposure wherever possible.

3. Balancing Moods, Emotions And Reducing Stress
Our body and its physiology still operates very much as it did 10,000 years ago, when its main aim was to run away from the saber toothed tiger deep in the savanna . When in ‘survival mode’ even with different stressors (i.e. peak hour traffic, difficult boss or even the rollercoaster of emotions you are likely to experience when undergoing fertility treatment)–the body still has to adapt in doing that, it requires extra nutrients and other coping mechanisms to restore itself to balance. The problem is that it cannot always self-correct on its own and sometimes feelings reach boiling point. It is vital to have an effective, health-promoting escape for tense feelings and emotions throughout your conception journey because more likely than not your ability to cope will be tested.

In clinical practice I use a combination of very effective and quick techniques to help couples release stress, balance moods and work through any emotional blockages or difficulties related to any aspect of fertility or conception–in a matter of minutes–no matter how big or small the problem may be.

The key is to do your best and release any undue pressure you may put on yourself regarding the outcome you seek. Implement the right changes in your day to day and your actions will support you in improving your chances, not only of conceiving, but also of having the healthiest possible baby–enabling you to become the proud parent, you always wanted to be. If you would like the opposrtunity to discuss you situation with one of our fertility experts please apply today for a free consultation.


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