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10 Key Factors of Male Fertility

To discuss the 10 key factors of male fertility I will cover areas of concern and in line with these talk about the practical things that men can do now, in order to boost fertility naturally.

This of course will make you more fertile whether you have been diagnosed with sperm parameter problems, whether we’re talking about count, healthy sperm morphology or motility, shape or any of the things that impact sperm health, because you can make an improvement to all of those areas.

For both men and women the development of your child is going to be directly related to the things that are happening in your day-to-day and your lifestyle during the 120 day preconception period. So heads up men! make sure that you’re addressing these 10 key factors of male fertility.

Lifestyle is a very important part of this whole process. It’s in fact one of the most important. In terms of male fertility lifestyle encompasses everything from mind matters, to environmental and physical factors.

1. Stress

Let’s talk about first of all stress because a lot of people don’t recognize stress for what it truly is. Stress can be extremely toxic for the body, but it can also be a big diversion for optimum fertility. There was a study that was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2002 that concludes, “Male infertility is independently associated with job burnout and stress.”

So straightaway if you’re unhappy in your job and you’re extremely stressed trying to do more, that will be affecting your fertility. Make sure that you find ways to manage your stress, whether that is to delegate some of your work, whether it is to find different ways of doing the same thing, stress reduction is going to be key to reducing health symptoms that impact fertility

For starters, stress impacts digestion and can lead to digestive problems and symptoms like heartburn, reflux, bloating, flatulence. When the digestive function doesn’t work, what happens is that we stop actually absorbing the nutrients that are going to be very important for fertility. It’s a catch-22.

Another factor that is very problematic when it comes to some of the areas of concern to fertility is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep will put you in that stress response faster than anything else you can do. Making sure that you get good quality plenty of sleep is going to be key.

couple stress about the mental and relationship challenges of not getting pregnant and can develop negative attitude to the processThe interesting thing about stress and the stress response are that anything that requires the body to adapt will be a stressful situation and that will categorically decrease your fertility.

It’s absolutely essential if you want to be as fertile as you can be, and this is a very important part of male fertility fitness is to make sure that you are as relaxed as you possibly can be. Remember though guys this is true for your partner as well.

2. Relaxation & Meditation

Closely related to the topic of stress, is rest and relaxation. People underestimate the importance of rest and relaxation in regards to making sure that you are as absolutely as fertile as you can be. What happens here is that you need to learn techniques and tools that are going to help you, but also like I said before quality sleep is going to be key.

Emotional freedom technique is a tool that I teach a lot of my patients because it really makes them very relaxed. It also helps to address any emotional aspect that is getting in the way in regards to fertility. EFT is a great tool, and I do teach that in my take-home program as well as in my in-house program.

The other thing that is fantastic and that if you learn to do it’s going to pay dividends in regards to your optimum fertility, is meditation. I’m talking proper meditation here where you are truly practicing and being consistent with practice because that’s going to help the R&R .

There are studies on daily transcendental meditation that show that 20 minutes of mediation in that style of meditation will be the same as 6 hours of deep sleep. It can have a dramatic impact on the way in which the body can recover, recuperate, hormonal balance which therefore will really play a role in regards to male fertility.

3. Happiness Levels

Happiness level is another very interesting thing. I actually came across a very interesting study in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2005. What it said was that prenatal environment factors and parental psychopathology, that means anything to do with the psychology of the parents prior to conception, increases the risk of autism in the child. Isn’t that interesting?

There are lots of other studies that I’ve come across in regards to maternal but also paternal happiness levels in how they feel in regards whether they hide depression markers, or whether they have different aspects that are causing them unhappiness also leads to decreased fertility.

4. Diet

Diet is another very important factor. Food, the things that you drink – I mean alcohol, caffeine, all of those things will negate fertility. Diet and nutrition is such an important area to address. A lot of people don’t really realize how much of a fundamental change this area can make to day-to-day. Changes in this area can make such a huge difference for fertility in the long term. A healthy diet is as fresh and unprocessed as possible. An organic diet is definitely best. Looking at lots of protein and vegetables, basing your meals on protein and vegetables as much as possible.

I’ve written a book called Eat Your Way to Parenthood, and that really covers all the aspects of diet that you need to know about. It includes over 200 recipes, so it’s really a great way of finding out exactly what you need to do with your diet and lifestyle. It does cover nutrients to a certain degree.

Avoid takeaways as much is s possible, eat fresh and unprocessed wherever possible and make sure that you have good-quality filtered water. Get a good-quality carbon filter either a benchtop or on-bench filter, make sure that it’s 0.01 micron to 0.1 micron filtration at the very most because you want it to be a really fine filter that is going to take most of the toxins out of the water. Those kinds of jug filters, they’re not very good. They don’t really cut it, so you need to make sure that you get a good-quality filter. I talked about all of this in Eat Your Way to Parenthood.

5. Nutrients

Mens Health Fertility _ men's natural fertility

Related to diet is nutrition. Nutrients needs change from person to person. If you’re getting things from a health food store shelf, or even a pharmacy, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not getting all the nutrients that you need because this is an area that needs to be individualized for most people. In general what we’re looking at is you need to make sure that you improve your antioxidants intake. Improving your antioxidant intake will really have a huge impact on your fertility.

Things like minerals such as selenium and zinc and great quality fish oil, vitamin C, amino acids such as carnitine, arginine, histidine are very important for fertility particularly when we’re talking about sperm motility and morphology, morphology being the shape as well as count. It’s going to have a huge impact here.

In order to make sure that you are doing everything you possibly can to decrease the chance of abnormalities, malformations, you  also need to ensure that you’re only putting things in your system that are going to help you to be as healthy as you can possibly.

Prescription medications can be a problem. Look at natural alternatives. I recommend talking to your doctor about options, even perhaps seeing another practitioner that can help you to get off prescription medication, wherever possible would be ideal.

6. Exercise & Fitness

Mens Health_strength and exercise This should go without saying, fitness and exercise are a very important for optimum fertility, but what happens is that often men have this perception that because they are physically fit, because they’ve got defined abs they are fertile.

Physical fitness does not equally relate to fertility fitness. If you are physically fit, but you drink too much, you smoke too much, you take party drugs, you do all of these things that are going to decrease your health on the fundamental level, your fertility will be impacted.

7. Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene items are another really key thing that needs to be changed here to improve male fertility. Aftershaves, personal hygiene items, moisturizers, all of those things can have an impact depending on their chemical makeup.

We’re talking about avoiding perfumes, and this is ladies avoiding perfumes as well as men avoiding perfumes because if you’re breathing it in, it can impact your fertility. And buying the most natural and organic products you can find in terms of personal hygiene.

  • Swap deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum for natural products crystal or tea tree.
  • Read the labels and avoid the toxic sulfates and parables. There are plenty of local, natural alternatives on the shelves nowadays
  • Coconut oil is a fantastic all body, face and hair moisturizer

8. Chemicals in your Environment

Often I find men who work in industrial-type jobs or repair mechanical-type jobs, don’t wear masks that are going to help filter the air that they’re breathing in.

If you are in a chemical-based work environment, make sure that you wear masks and that you have your good carbon-filter mask that is protecting you against pollution and against those chemical exposure as much as you can because that will make a huge difference to the quality of your sperm.

It will make a dramatic difference to motility. Motility is how well the sperm swims and morphology is the shape, but it will also have a big impact on the count that you are having your semen analysis. Make sure that you do that.

9. Pollution

Pollution is another very important factor that needs to be addressed and again being on main roads, walking on main roads, exercising on main roads, cycling to work, all of those things will be a problem in regards to fertility. It’s definitely an area that’s easy to address.

Warning_toxic chemicals are a hazard to your fertility

Another thing that you really want to avoid is swimming in salt or chlorinated swimming pools because they are going to have that chemical and that’s going to be impacting fertility in a negative way.

Also, Plastics can cause hormonal imbalances, exerting an oestrogenic effect upon reproductive organs. This reduces the body’s production of testosterone, which in turn can decrease sperm count and may even lead to other abnormalities

Testosterone is what you need in order to produce healthy sperm, so having plastics like in the form of clear wrap, plastic bottles, plastic food containers, that’s all going to be a problem for male fertility.

These can be easily removed from your lifestyle. Find glass bottles, glass jugs, Pyrex containers, glass containers. The ones with plastic lids are okay as long as the plastic lid is not touching the food and make sure that if you are reheating your food that you use a steamer instead of a microwave and never put plastic in the microwave ever…ever, ever.

10. Physical Aspects

Physically speaking let’s talk about avoiding excessive heat and pressure on the testicles is absolutely going to be vital. That’s where we’ll talk about things like cycling. Motorbikes is not being great for fertility, but also things like heated car seats, sitting for too long, crossing your legs. Never cross your legs. Warmers baths, and spas anything that’s going to heat, radiation and this is where my pet hate comes introduced, which is mobile phones in pockets.

Men should never have mobile phones in pockets because the radiation that that will give out will absolutely damage sperm, and it would damage the DNA, and it would damage the health of the child. Really that anything that damages the cell, which is basically everything we’ve been talking about up to this point, is going to have a damaging impact on DNA, genetics, health of the child, etc.

You’re not just doing this for yourself. You’re not just doing this to be able to conceive. You’re also doing this to make sure that your child is as healthy as possible. Remember that and make sure that you are not putting anything near your testicles that are going to be either giving off radiation or too much heat or pressure because that will definitely impact your fertility.

Now the other very important thing that you can do in order to make sure that the balls are nice and aired is wearing boxer shorts. Boxer shorts are actually the best type of underwear. You can wear it with your pants of course, thank you, but definitely boxer shorts are the best type of underwear. Make sure that you’re wearing 100 percent cotton that’s going to make a big difference too. Avoid briefs. Avoid tight swimwear.

Those are some of the specific practical things that you can do.


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