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7 Tips To Improve Sperm Health

The key to improve sperm health is to be as healthy as possible prior to a conception attempt.

Statistically half of all couples trying to conceive will get pregnant within 2-3 months of trying and 85% will get pregnant within 1 year. Male factors, such as sperm production represents approximately 40% of the reason some couples have difficulty conceiving.

In many cases, with sufficient time, natural treatment methods can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of sperm health parameters - although at least 120 days of targeted treatment is required before definite improvements can be possible to sperm health.

As far as sperm health is concerned...

To ensure greater fertility, heat, toxic environmental exposure and oxidation are enemies that are best avoided. The key is to be as diligent as possible with leading a healthy lifestyle, whilst implementing effective natural strategies. For proactive ways on how to improve sperm quality here are some tips you can start implementing now:

1. Zinc = Healthy Sperm

The male fertility mineral—it’s necessary for healthy testes, male sperm count, motility and normal shape.  Rich in zinc, some of the best foods for sperm health include beef and lamb, spinach and pumpkin seeds.

2. Fishy Business

Every cell in the body is comprised of approximately 50% fat and 50% protein. Fish oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for healthy male reproduction. Sperm health depends upon high essential fatty acid content to provide the cell membrane with the fluidity essential at fertilisation.

However, these fatty acids are easily damaged making sperm particularly vulnerable to attack by free radicals (molecules responsible for damaging healthy cells)  and lifestyle factors promoting oxidative stress such as smoking, drinking alcohol, environmental chemicals and more.

Without the proper level of antioxidants required to protect the body against free radicals, essential fatty acids can be a double edged sword, associated with reduced fertility. The solution: For optimum sperm health and fertility supplement with a combination of high levels of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids daily.

3. Be Coolomega 3 for sperm health

As best as you can try to avoid overheating the testicles -boxer shorts ARE better than briefs AND stop crossing those legs! Research shows that squashing the testes for long periods can harm nerves and temporarily impede blood flow. This can cause tingling and numbness in the entire reproductive region and lead not only to infertility but also eventually to erectile dysfunction. If your job involves sitting for long periods, be sure to get up and walk around to cool things down a little and avoid using heated car seats all together. You will definitely also need to avoid baths, spas and saunas.

4. Plastic is not Fantastic

When it comes to fertility, plastics have a negative impact on sperm quality. Plastics can cause hormonal imbalances, exerting an oestrogenic effect upon reproductive organs. This reduces the body’s production of testosterone, which in turn can decrease sperm count and may even lead to other abnormalities. The key here is to avoid plastics as much as you can particularly in the form of plastic containers, water bottles, plastic food wraps and the like. Use glass wherever possible.

5. Watch Where You Put That Thing!

The last place you should put your mobile phone is in your pocket! Sperm cells are very sensitive to radiation of any kind and your sperm parameters will negatively suffer from the exposure. In order to optimise your fertility, it is best if you and your partner can avoid and protect yourselves as much as possible from all types of ionising and non-ionising radiation. Ensuring you don't have any electric equipment in the bedroom is already a great positive start, because the hours you spend sleeping are potentially the only time in your day you are not constantly being radiated.

6. Toxins Kill

Not only can toxins have a negative impact on general health, they literally kill or damage sperm to a level which renders them unable to effect a healthy conception, causing infertility and/or being a contributing factor in recurrent miscarriages.

A lot of chemicals in our environment are hormonal disruptors and have a part to play. The key is to avoid chemicals in every form as much as possible - from cleaning products and pest control to paints, building materials, heavy metals and more. Do your homework and ensure you use every available protection from chemicals and other toxic hazards in the workplace.

7. Clean Up Your Diet & Lifestyle

Cut out the junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and base your meals on fresh, unprocessed, vital foods--everyday! The healthier your diet and lifestyle, the most optimum your fertility. It’s that simple.

If you want to learn more about  how to improve sperm health we offer fertility diet plans designed to have you eating foods for sperm health. These healthy eating plans are available by subscription and provide meal plans, recipes, snacks and treats that will put you on track for a healthy sperm diet.

Of course these are not the only factors in naturally boosting fertility; however they are vital pillars. Making positive changes to optimise your health will also have a remarkably positive impact on your fertility--and the benefits don't stop there!

In ensuring you are doing your best you are also making a decision about your legacy in the form of your offspring. Start making consistently better choices today--your prospective child's life depends on them.

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