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3 GP’s told me that I would never conceive

learn tomanage stress when challenge with not getting pregnant not“3 GPs told me that I would never conceive.

At 21 with my laparoscopic endometriosis diagnosis, the doctor told me if I wasn’t pregnant by 25 I would have big problems.

Now, at 34, and after 3 years of trying it’s hard to get those voices out of my head. How do I stay positive?”

Seriously I hear this from clients too often. That they’ve effectively been told “hold no hope of having children” Comments, like that, make my blood boil because in my professional experience, as is the case with: every client we work with, there exists opportunities to boost your fertility naturally which your GP will have overlooked.

What I love about this question is that despite the foregone conclusion offered by the three GP’s the woman here has retained hope and shows an understanding that one of the key elements to fertility, as I lay out in my 11 Pillars of Fertility is that Mind Matters.

This is a key factor that we look at in the fertility process for couples on this type of journey. We really, are wanting to make sure, that we’ve got that whole emotional aspect really focused. Focused and addressed, in your mind.

We address the emotional support factors that can enable you to feel, like you can move forward confidently., Being positive, being able to have confidence in yourself, others, the journey – they make a difference in regards to moving forward, upon your journey.

Reality is that people can say whatever they want, it doesn’t have to be true until you believe it. And the same goes for what you think about yourself.

When you believe it, be it positive or negative, you internalize that belief. Positive, good. The risk with negative beliefs, is the potential for self-sabotage. Creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I’d highly recommend, none of that negative, with plenty of positive. Which I know is easier said than done, hence the need for hope, right!

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