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Effective Ways of Letting Go of Bad Habits

There is no such thing as getting rid of a bad habit. There is such a thing as REPLACING one habit with another.

In order to eliminate an unhelpful habit the first thing to do is accept it and effortlessly choose to replace it with something else. What we resist persists.

The following quote by Dr John Demartini says it best:
“Whatever you try to run away from, you run into and whatever you try to bury buries you, until you learn to love both sides. Any part of your life, any person, place, thing, idea, or event that you try to avoid or seek runs your life. But anything you see both sides of you can love and manage. You are the master of what you love and the slave to what you don’t.” – John F. Demartini

The key is to love and accept yourself despite your habits and implement strategies that will help you to innocently favour your newly developed and preferred habit. So here are 9 ideas that will help you get started of letting go of bad habits:

  • Consciously choose the new good habit you would like to replace the old one with e.g. instead of smoking choose to do some creative writing, in place of eating try reading etc;
  • Don’t try to force the old habit out. Resisting only makes the habit stronger in your mind. Just find something better you prefer;
  • Find a positive distraction for yourself, something you enjoy and that is good for you;
  • Associate with people, places and organizations that already possess and value the habit you would like to develop;
  • Make new friendships that support your desire to improve yourself;
  • Manage your stress—you can choose hypnosis, meditation, exercise, emotional freedom technique, deep breathing or any other activity that relaxes you;

And if you happen to give into your old habit, don’t beat yourself up about it, just bring yourself back to your new habit and practice, practice, practice! After all, a rocket on it’s way to the moon is only ever on course 3% of the time, yet it always gets there in the end.

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