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How to Maintain Balance in Your Life Whilst Trying To Conceive

Maintaining balance in life whilst trying to conceive is important.

It is easy to lose focus of every other aspect of life when trying to conceive a baby.

For many people trying to get pregnant becomes the sole driver of their lives obscuring everything else (sometimes even the most important part of it all: the relationship). In this area of your life, as in any other area balance is paramount and by narrowing your life view in a make or break type of way whilst you wait for a positive pregnancy test can make you very unhappy indeed.

This is why it is important to continue to honour all other aspects of your life, whilst doing everything you can in order to implement all the health promoting activities discussed in the Natural Fertility Alignment Program. This may seem like an oxymoron at first, but it is nothing less than good sense.

We know that what we focus on expands. So it makes good sense to take positive steps towards improving your health and fertility—however it is important you do not allow it to become a burden or a chore by neglecting other sides to your being. Obviously due to your commitment in boosting your health and fertility specific activities you engage in may change, however the outcome can still be the same if you are clear about your needs and your desired effects.

There are seven primary areas of life fulfillment: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, social, familial and physical.


Any area that is not valued, honored, and more fully developed automatically becomes the weak or missing link in your fulfillment, therefore, by focusing solely and completely on only 1 or 2 areas of life at any given time fulfillment is literally driven away.

Think about this whilst on your fertility journey and become conscious about where and how you direct your energy, focus and attention, however most importantly ensure they are evenly spread. Because when you focus positively with an open heart and mind, but with no expectations you release any internal conflict and negatively which in turn helps you to more likely create the outcomes you desire.

Remember this, God (or the Universe) has plans for each one of us that are more marvelous, wonderful and surprising than we could ever imagine. If we don’t yet have what we believe we should, it is simply because there is something even better in store for. We just cannot quite grasp it yet due to the limited view and understanding of our infinite potential. Trust and believe—do your part and the heavens will come to you aid, you just need to be open and ready to receive it.

This brings me to another very important concept for best results trying to conceive. If you want to speed the process of for yourself, the best way to do so is to be truly grateful—from the core of your being. Think about and write about all the things in your life you are grateful for. All the blessings you have and forget about lack. Do not even think about the things you do not have only think about and be thankful for your blessings. This will transform your life for the better and you can use the techniques I teach to potentiate the process.

Enjoy the journey, feel it, live it and above all be happy, you are so lucky, you already have so much! When you take this approach you reduce physiological stress and this has a positive impact on your fertility and overall wellbeing. Make the decision to start being happier today, you deserve it!

About Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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