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Harnessing the Power of your Fertile Mind

How positive thinking may ensure a positive outcome

Stress can play a negative role on the body, thus putting a damper on fertility but did you know that it can also hinder your chances through the power of the mind/body connection? That’s right! You can think yourself (in) fertile! It’s your choice.

Many couples become emotionally distressed when they face conception problems. These negative emotions breed more negative thought forms, which then reinforce other unpleasant feelings even leading to depression.

Getting a grip on our negative mental ‘chatterbox‘ (our mental self talk) and preventing depression before it creeps in can make a huge difference for many couples and improve the odds of natural conception (even in difficult cases).

Amazing new research shows that the brain does not know the difference between a vividly imagined situation and something that is (or has) actually taken place — so it’s key to take advantage of this, for the sake of your fertility!

For some people, getting into a positive frame of mind is easier said than done, so … what to do?

A positive thinking mindset

For starters, anything that brings about peace and relaxation! Yoga, tai chi and meditation, for example, are activities which help balance the body and relax the mind.

Some people find that arts, singing, painting (water colour), photography (digital is best in order to avoid chemicals) or getting out into nature help to relax the mind and give them something to focus on other than ‘infertility’.

Easing the mind is essential, but for those pesky negative thoughts one may need another tactic, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, creative visualization, hypnotherapy or Cognitive Restructuring Therapy.

5 steps that can help to redirect negative thinking

1. Conscious Identification

Identify a negative thought when it sneaks up.

“I’ll never get pregnant” is a common example of one such negative thought. Once you become conscious of your mental chatter you’ll be surprised how often these thoughts appear. The more you hear them the more you believe them unquestioningly. Becoming conscious of your thoughts gives you the power to change them.  Once you’ve learned to notice the negative thought forms, identify what’s triggering them.

2. Redirect and replace

Simply replace a negative thought with a positive one.  For example, replace “I’ll never get pregnant” with “I’m sure I’ll be pregnant soon.”  If you allow yourself to keep thinking negative, then only negativity will come to you!

3. Daydream

Instead of putting all your energy into “woe is me,” try picturing yourself in the midst of a healthy pregnancy and then embracing the healthy baby of your dreams!  Visualize you and your partner cradling a beautiful infant. Imagine those first flutterings of new life. The more you get into it and the more real you make it in your mind, the more chance you have of ‘coaxing’ your body into that reality.


4. Break the Monotony

Many couples, who have problems conceiving, often find themselves sexually bored, which can lead to relationship problems and increase the chance of depression. If sex is allowed to become nothing more than a means of making a baby, it can quickly lose its fire!  Try to keep the loving fun!  Sex should be a private celebration of your love and passion for one another, so try to keep some spontaneity and enjoy each other!

5. Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, sometime known as Tapping, is an easy to learn technique that helps to overcome negative self talk. Often we don’t even realise what we are saying to ourselves and the power our thoughts hold. If we say it enough we begin to believe it. And that’s true for both positive and negative conversations.

EFT is an aid to healing that provides insight into what really limits our physical and emotional health and wellbeing and more importantly gives us the power to change it.

EFT’s is based on ancient principles of acupuncture and the study and application of kinesiology. It is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the discomfort of needles or painful prodding. EFT integrates an emotional element in the healing process, addressing unresolved emotional issues.

Negative emotional experiences disrupt the energy meridians that run through our body. EFT can quickly realign the energy channels and disconnect negative memories thus allowing healing to take place on both a conscious (mind) level and sub-conscious (body) level.

EFT is a potent tool that you can learn today to power your fertile thinking for positive outcomes.

Keep positive and think “Fertile”

For the past twenty years numerous studies have been conducted regarding the effects of stress and negative thinking on human fertility. Findings have indicated that relaxation techniques including meditation, along with positive thinking techniques dramatically increased the odds of conception.

The power of the mind is an amazing thing.  Our very lives are oftentimes the result of our own thought patterns, whether they be positive or negative ones.  When you think wholeheartedly upon something, you put energy into that thought form, which it in turn released into your environment. What we focus on expands…so think fertile!

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