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The Importance of Good Quality Sleep for Fertility

There is a very important link between getting enough good quality sleep and with good fertility outcomes

Good quality sleep is integral to the quality of egg and sperm so when optimising your fertility getting enough of the right quality of sleep is one of the most basic keys to success. Good quality sleep is going to be paramount on your journey to parenthood.

Sleep problems, sleep disorders and disrupted sleep patterns can negatively impact your well being and when it comes to fertility having enough, making sure that you’re making enough time for good quality sleep is of absolute importance.

The reason is that melatonin levels increase when we’re sleeping and certainly at night and melatonin is important for good quality eggs and good ovarian reserve. So naturally increasing and improving your melatonin release is going to again:

  • help you to relax
  • help you to feel better in regards to coping with stress and
  • help you to have good sleep which therefore is going to actually help with your fertility

The importantce of Sleep to your fertility

When we don’t get enough sleep our melatonin levels get out of balance and we also develop a situation where the body is in that state of stress, fight or flight response.

When this is the case then we’re using our reproductive hormones in order to create and produce stress hormones and again that’s not going to help when we’re talking about optimising fertility because the resources that you would need, nutrients and otherwise, hormonal to create the best possible fertility is going to be jeopardised and be utilised for a different purpose than what it is that we need to actually ensure when we’re talking about fertility, hence the negative impact on your fertility.

Problems getting to sleep and lack of sleep raises other side issues when it comes to fertility, and although the impact might not be limited to your fertility it is known that accidents and different types of traumas tend to happen much more to men and women that are sleep deprived.

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