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The Power of Forgiveness

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein 1879-1955

You already know Albert Einstein was a genius, but you may be wondering what that has to do with my health and fertility. Albert Einstein understood the truth about energy and matter, which culminated in his revolutionary Theory of Relativity—E=MC2.

The mind has amazing power over the body. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions can literally govern our physiology, whether we are aware of it or not.

Energy has a lot to do with your life and fertility. What Einstein was able to prove through physics and the established laws of nature, was very eloquently put into words and plainly stated in his theory: Energy and matter are merely different forms of the same thing–that’s what he discovered.

Under everyday circumstances (despite trying) we cannot separate them. Once we understand this principle it becomes easier to understand our mind’s relationship to our body and how one can dramatically influence the other.

The mind controls the body via the quality of our thoughts and the meanings we attribute to them. Our beliefs influence our attitudes and mindset, which changes the feelings that contribute to the behaviour, which affects our overall results—creating a positive or negative self-perpetuating cycle. We choose. The mind affects the body just as much as the body impacts it.

The body contains specific emotional receptors called neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. These are the biochemical messengers present in many different tissues and responsible for transmitting and translating information from the mind to the body and back.

Recent research shows that almost all communication between different parts of the body occurs by means of a ‘psychosomatic network’, in other words—mind over matter. We have these emotional receptors everywhere, including in the gastrointestinal tract, white blood cells, kidneys, pancreas, ovaries, testes, and so on.

What this means is that we feel emotions with our whole body.

Mediatation and the healing power of thought

Most importantly, it is thought that the body’s systems (i.e. autonomic, endocrine, immune and neuropeptide systems) affected by those emotions are communication channels whereby the mind may actually activate genes and the internal cellular machinery of the body.

When we experience a particularly trying event, the memory is encoded by means of unique combinations of the body’s communicating molecules.

If the memory is too painful for our conscious minds to deal with, it may be stored (and effectively buried) in particular places in our bodies. As long as the memory is still encoded in the body, it may try to bring itself to our attention by causing pain, dysfunction or imbalance in the place where it was stored.

Once the emotional charge linked to memories is released, forgiveness and acceptance ensued, often physical symptoms were relieved.

I have seen first-hand, through many experiences with my patients who in the process of self healing and the resolution of painful life experiences and relationship conflicts, that it is possible for you and your partner to create a new life for yourselves, a new life together as a couple, a healthy inner life, and new life in the form of a baby.

Another interesting use of mind-body techniques or energy therapies such as emotional freedom technique, kinesiology, acupuncture, neuro-emotional technique (and many more) is in the treatment of chronic stress-related conditions (attributed to continual excessive release of stress-related neurotransmitters, which unbalance all the other systems), as well as in treatment and support to beat addictions.

Such techniques treat the physical body as well as the mind because of their ability to gently penetrate and address the many layers of defence and coping mechanisms set up for protection from hurtful emotions. The meanings we attribute to certain situations and addictive substances are also addressed.

Once the defences are penetrated and broken down, we have the opportunity of choosing to deal differently with specific issues and events. It is now scientifically accepted that by treating the physical body, we can penetrate deeply into the emotions, which translate into the mind’s ability to control the body.

By releasing the emotions, we can change our responses to stress and our perceived need for the addictive substances often sought out for comfort or, to compensate for perceived inadequacies. This clears the way for more productive methods of dealing with stress and other destructive behaviours.

Woman expressing the freedom of forgiveness

Interestingly, humans are the only animals that can get into a ‘stress frenzy’ just by THINKING of something!

No other animal is capable of such a feat! The key to reducing stress depends on changing the stories we tell ourselves. I like to use the analogy of ‘news and current affairs’. It is simple, news is never either good or bad—it is thinking that makes it so.

You see, when a new president or prime minister is elected, or the share market crashes, some people think the news is great, while others think life couldn’t get any worse… What makes us take either view of the world? The answer is simple: The meaning we choose to attribute to the event.

For example, the possibility of never having a baby (or another one) is only going to be as bad as you choose to make it, but before you unsubscribe, read on, because you may just have found the answer you were looking for…

The previous statement may have sounded simplistic and detached and might even annoy or upset you right now. However, nothing is more wonderful and freeing than this understanding because the sooner you can apply this truth the easier and more enjoyable your journey will become, and the more likely you will be able to create the baby you so desire without negative emotions acting as blockages in your system.

When you consciously want to have a baby but just underneath the surface you are angry, upset or stressed out that it hasn’t happened yet, or are resentful with your body or your partner for ‘misbehaving’, those negative emotions contribute to further release of the substances which block your body’s (and reproductive system’s) ability to receive the messages it needs in order to understand how to function optimally. This moves you even further away from your dream. Learning how to release those negative emotions and discharge potential unconscious ambivalence about having a baby is key for an optimum outcome.

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