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3 Easy Ways To Detox Fast And Lose A Few Kilos Along The Way…

What is Healthy Detox?

After all the holiday overindulgence most of us are left with some extra kilos to shed and many people are looking for tips on doing an easy and healthy detox. It’s simple. If you want to give your body a little break and lose a few kilos in the process—here’s 3 tips to get your detox underway.

Detox Fast #1  Cut Out All Junk Food

To detox fast I do mean ALL junk food. The best way to give your body a break and detox is to do it by simply cutting out all processed foods and drinks including fruit juices, soft drinks and particularly alcohol. At the same time make sure you limit your meals to steamed, baked or raw vegetables for one to two weeks—seasoned only with a little garlic, salt and good quality olive oil. This is the best and most gentle way to detoxify quickly and effectively.

Detox Fast #2  Drink Plenty of Water

drink plenty of water

This is an obvious one, but most people don’t do it and when you are trying to detox, drinking plenty of water is an essential part of the process. In order to ensure your detox is a good one—plenty of filtered or bottle water is vital, otherwise you will be putting extra toxins into your body instead of letting go of them.

Remember, boiling water only really kills bacteria your body can handle anyway, whilst it concentrates the toxins remaining in the water. This is why drinking filtered water is so necessary. Be sure to have at least 2L daily.

Detox Fast #3 Use Herbal Teas to Aid Detoxification Process

Dandelion, St Mary’s Thistle, Lemon Balm, Ginger, Fennel, Fenugreek are just some of the great herb varieties you can buy in dried or fresh form from the health food store to make your own detoxifying teas.

Add several cups of your favourite teas daily along with tips 1 and 2 and you will be well on your way to a healthy detox with extra weight loss benefits. Just don’t forget the physical activity which is an essential cornerstone of a great detox.

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