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How do I get started on the natural fertility program ?

Couples often ask me “how do I get started on the natural fertility program?” And here’s how…

Because we only take on patients we truly believe we can help and we want to ensure we don’t waste your precious time; BEFORE, we take on any patient, we must first assess a couple’s particular situation. The way we do this, is we ask couples to complete a comprehensive fertility questionnaire.

Click here to start the free Fertility Discovery Questionnaire

Once we receive a couple’s application I personally review it to ensure we can be of assistance on that couple’s particular journey. I then pass the application on to our administration team who get in touch with the couple either via phone or email to book a compatible consultation time for a conversation with me or one of our fabulous team of experts.

I urge couples not to delay! What I often say to couples is that “Time is a precious asset on your fertility journey and it’s best to have it count in your favour”. It’s also important for couples to know only 100% completed questionnaires are assessed. Incomplete forms are discarded, so if you really would like a chance to have a complimentary fertility consultation with one of our team—then please complete your questionnaire carefully—AND we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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