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I’m always asked “how does your fertility program work?” So, lean in, and let me give you a little insight… Over the last 14 years, our successful fertility treatments and education have helped thousands of couples overcome infertility to create happy babies and healthy families, even when other treatments have failed.

My program is based on our effective methodology, underpinned by my F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method, grounded on thorough diagnosis and a holistic treatment process; based on my 11 Pillars of Fertility. Our method is carefully carried out across 3 main stages of treatment: The preconception preparation; conception attempt and pre, during and post pregnancy stages—for optimum results.

We have strict selection criteria for the patients we accept into our programs—and our practice specialises and predominantly works with couples over the age of 35 who have been struggling for 2 years or more to create their healthy baby and happy family.

In working with thousands of patients in every continent we’ve identified 3 key problems all couples experience on their journey through infertility—some of these, couples listening in may personally recognise:

  1. The ticking of their biological clock is deafening and even after years of infertility most still don’t yet know WHY they are not getting pregnant;
  2. Couples feel completely heartbroken by their lack of tangible results aka baby—and they can’t shake off the unpleasantness of feeling like they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked; and now they are starting to questions if anything ever will!?
  3. They feel so tired of continuing to put their life on hold and are totally overwhelmed by all the contradictory advice Dr Google dishes out—but deep down they feel they are not yet ready to “give up” on their dream.

For couples who recognise themselves in any of these three scenarios, the Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program may indeed be for them.

As I briefly mentioned, my program is based on the solid foundations of my 7 Step FERTILE Methodology and was specifically designed to solve these problems and empower couples, just like them struggling through infertility, to reclaim their fertility and create the healthy baby of their dreams.

Over a period of 12-18 months (throughout 3 highly personalised and carefully constructed treatment stages – preconception and conception attempts, pregnancy and postnatal care) we:

First, Fact Find – with the help of expertly trained practitioners, couples are guided through a series of very specific physical, emotional and biochemical assessments to discover some of the minor and major factors keeping them infertile;

Then, we Educate – couples are asked to complete a series of education pieces that ensure their complete understanding of day to day lifestyle, environmental, dietary factors as well as self-care strategies they can implement to optimise their natural fertility, to help them overcome infertility to create the healthy baby of their dreams;

Only then, we Recommend – supported by evidence-based, scientific research, each couple receives specifically customised recommendations, centered upon that specific couple’s fact finding step;

Finally, we Treat – and a specific treatment protocol is developed and implemented to help ensure the best possible result for couples undergoing our process, in the fastest possible timeframe;

Then, the Incubation – during this part of the process a couple is supported by various members of our team, in conjunction with their very own important daily contribution – to ensure as many as possible—physical, biochemical and emotional aspects are addressed towards the realisation of their dream;

The next step is my favourite, it’s where we teach true Liberation – this, in my opinion is, the second most exciting part of our process, where we teach, educate and help couples to enable themselves to live their very best life NOW irrespective of a baby; this is a particularly crucial component for all couples because we encourage them to finally begin to live their very best version of their lives – right now – regardless of the end of result of this process.

And of course, FERTILE, wouldn’t be complete without its ‘End Result’ – This step is a great cause for celebration – no matter the outcome!

The common feedback we hear at this stage irrespective of the outcome couples achieve (whether it is the healthy baby of their dreams or the healthiest and best version of themselves) is the relief and happiness each couple feels about having given it their very all and having done their very best for the sake of themselves and their future.

And of course we are always thrilled to know we have been instrumental in stories like:

Tracey and Paul whom after 10 years of failed attempts and unsuccessful IVF treatments conceived after just 3 months on our program and went on to have their happy baby Tyler;

Emma and Tom who after 8 recurrent miscarriages now have 4 beautiful healthy children.

And even Megan and Josh who also after extended infertility and the heartbreak of miscarriage went on to naturally conceive and deliver a healthy, happy set of male triplets and then a couple of years later a healthy baby girl.

Although we cannot guarantee, any couple who embarks on our program will conceive and end up with a healthy baby. One thing we know for sure: Couples will never have to wonder whether they could have or should have done more or if they did everything they could to realise their dream. They absolutely know.

If you have been trying to conceive for over 2 years and/or; have experience miscarriage(s) and/or; have 3 or more “minor factors or abnormalities” you believe could be contributing to your fertility challenges then you may be eligible for a Complimentary Fertility Discovery Session (worth $799) with our natural fertility experts. We only take on patients we absolutely believe we can help – if you feel you’d benefit from our expert insights into your particular fertility situation please register your interest today. Availability is strictly limited, once registered we will contact you as soon as an opening becomes available.

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