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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Our Fertility Clinic

Here are some facts about ‘Coronavirus’ you may not currently know as related to our clinic and fertility practice. 

Many of these questions came up in consultation yesterday with a new couple interested in our fertility program, and three new couples (in USA, UK, and Australia) who joined today to start our program. So I thought I’d share some facts since these are likely questions you’re thinking of as well. 

What to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Fertility Options

  • Our clinic 100% leverages telemedicine. Meaning consultations are done virtually via online platforms or phone (as required)—thus resulting in zero treatment interruption for our patients. You get to have your consultation from the comfort of your chosen geographical location. There is no need to travel. Currently, we treat patients in every continent (other than Antarctica 🤔 Still working on that expansion…) and the majority of our patients are in the USA/Canada, UK, Australia, and Asia, although we have patients in places throughout Africa, South America, and Europe;
  • Patients usually come to us because they feel they’ve tried “everything” and nothing has worked, and the majority of our patients do not require IVF/ICSI to conceive. We specialize in treating difficult and complex cases and get results for our patients, despite previous failed treatments;
  • For your convenience and treatment expedition, at this time, we can send you directly to a laboratory (if necessary) for any tests you may need to have to help us get the answers we need to optimize your chances of having a healthy baby;
  • Our treatment is holistic and based on integrative medicine. Our approach heavily leverages the valuable tenets of naturopathic medicine, blended with modern medicine and current standard therapy where appropriate. We address and treat the whole person, and every aspect of health including immunity, the nervous system and reproductive function;
  • You are able to order your treatment items easily and conveniently online, and we ship everything you need directly to your door—further avoiding any treatment interruptions;
  • When couples have been struggling to conceive or take a healthy pregnancy to full term for years (which is the case for many of the patients we treat), results don’t happen overnight and delays in beginning treatment often cause a couple to run out of time to have a baby altogether. We start seeing positive biological change for our patients on average around 6 months from starting treatment—therefore six months ago was the perfect time to begin doing what it takes to transform results and get ready for having a healthy baby. The next best time is right now;
  • Similarly, it takes the egg approximately 8 months to fully mature (in two maturation stages of approximately 4 months each) and although the sperm often responds quicker, it can take up to 3 sperm cycles for male reproductive cells to be in the best shape of their life (one sperm maturation cycle is approximately 3.5 months in length). Getting the flu can drastically impact sperm health; therefore, being immune strong is key to optimize the chances of conception and ride the wave of environmental challenges we currently face. Optimizing fertility begins with a healthy body and two healthy prospective parents;
  • Being treated in our clinic also means you are being taken care of by an award-winning team of fertility specialists and support practitioners with multiple decades of clinical experience. Our ultimate objective is ensuring you have the best of both worlds in terms of the necessary physical and biochemical assessment, analysis and treatment, as well as the emotional support required as we guide you through a proven process on your journey to parenthood. We provide world-class fertility treatment and our proven method delivers 78.15% of the patients who complete The Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program ™, beautiful, healthy babies;
  • You can now also utilize our flexible treatment financing options to begin treatment.

These are only some of the top-line benefits from our targeted and holistic fertility treatment. 

If you have been trying to conceive or keep a healthy pregnancy to full term to take home a healthy baby for over 2 years, we offer a complimentary fertility conversation to discuss your specific situation and how we may be able to assist—via telephone. You can schedule a convenient time that suits you here

I look forward to holding your hand from beginning to baby and beyond.

Big love,

Gabriela Rosa | Founder, Clinical Researcher, Fertility Specialist at Natural Fertility Breakthrough

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