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Are you lacking certainty of what will help you have a baby? We made a tool that gives you exactly that.

Are you constantly wondering about your chances of taking home a healthy baby through all the various fertility treatment options?

Well, how would it feel if you COULD know?

With 95% accuracy?

AND not based on general statistics, but precise information based on your unique fertility situation?

That's what you get with this Predictive Fertility Assessment.

I would have given up along the way_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

How would it feel…

To not have any more questions running through your head, wondering if you should try something else and what it should be?

To stop the endless search for stories that reflect situations “just like yours” so you feel like you have insight into what’s truly possible in your specific case?

To put the heartache, struggle, and frustration that has followed you on your fertility journey behind you?

What this assessment IS…

  • It is a comprehensive evaluation of your fertility chances as determined with artificial-intelligence-based technology and over 7 years of assessing our patients’ outcomes.
  • It is the absolute, most precise clarity on YOUR SITUATION that you will not be able to get anywhere else.
  • It is peace of mind delivered to you from cutting-edge, AI technology, completely backed by science.

What this assessment IS NOT…

  • It is not another vague conversation about the general odds of success of a specific treatment.
  • It is not another huge investment that doesn’t get you any closer to your dream of taking home a healthy baby.
  • It is not statistics and advice based simply on your age and recent fertility experiences.
Thank you for giving me a family of my own_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials
dream come true_ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

What the Predictive Fertility Assessment Will Tell You

In a personalized prediction and probability breakdown based on your and your partner’s specific situation, you will learn:

  • Your chances as a couple of taking home a healthy baby from natural conception in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ versus doing nothing.
  • Your chances of having a live birth via assisted reproductive technology (ART) in conjunction with The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ versus just doing IVF/ICSI on its own.
  • Expected miscarriage risk before and after The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ versus the miscarriage rates in the general population, and through IVF/ICSI.


But not just that…


Because for only $49AUD, you’re not just getting scientifically backed answers with a 95% accuracy rate

You’re also getting what those numbers mean explained to you in a one-on-one call with Harvard-awarded scholar, program director, and fertility specialist, Gabriela Rosa.

For 30 minutes, you get to find out exactly what those numbers mean for you and ask any lingering questions you still have.

And as a bonus, you’ll also receive a FREE COPY of Gabriela’s bestselling book, Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriages when other treatments have failed.

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About Gabriela Rosa | MPH (CLE), MScM (RHHG), BHSc (ND)
Founder, Clinical Researcher, Fertility Specialist & Harvard University Awarded Scholar

Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, and the founder and clinical director of the Rosa Institute—an organisation dedicated to helping couples create healthy babies, despite previous reproductive challenges.

FIlled with love _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials
four years of trying we finally have our miracle baby _ Natural Fertility Breakthrough Testimonials

Imagine that in a few days, you’re sitting exactly where you are now,

but instead of feeling frustrated and uncertain,

you’re holding in your hands
every possible answer about your exact chances of bringing home a healthy baby to join your family.

You don’t have to waste any more time or money
just to wait and see if something will work for you.

You don’t have to ever again get your hopes up
just to face disappointment and heartache once again.

And you can move forward with practical solutions at your disposal in just a handful of days.


Frequently Asked Questions


How are we sure of the accuracy of our assessment? 

We have tracked extensive data for decades now about our patient cohort in a non-identifiable way. From this, we’ve gathered incredible amounts of knowledge that our scientific research team at The Rosa Institute (TRI) uses to improve our program and make comparisons that can help our patients create the healthy baby of their dreams. In addition, we can evaluate our data alongside general population research, helping us to understand and create customized predictions about the probability of success through various treatments. Using AI-based technology, and all of this data, we developed a predictive model with 95% accuracy.

We explain the outcomes we achieve in the Fertility Breakthrough Program™ in our published results. Infertility is a global concern that affects approximately one in six couples, and between 30-60% of infertile couples use integrative medicine/complementary and alternative medicine to achieve parenthood. Researchers at TRI report positive outcomes for infertile patients who had participated in the institute’s integrative telehealth fertility program to achieve parenthood. A brief summary of reproductive outcomes included:

  • 78.8% live birth rate among 544 patients residing in 22 countries.
  • Overall miscarriage rate following completion of the program of 13.5% compared to 51.5% before the program.
  • Before our program patients had on average been trying to conceive for 3.6 years and most experienced previously failed treatments.

How does the Predictive Fertility Assessment work?

After purchasing the assessment for only AUD$49, you will receive an email with the comprehensive fertility questionnaire. You will need to complete this to correlate your data and predict your probability of success with various treatment options.

Within 72 hours of our team receives your completed questionnaire, they will be in touch to schedule your report findings questionnaire with Gabriela Rosa. This report of findings consultation will allow Gabriela to answer any questions about your report, results, or your specific fertility situation.


Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire first?

The only way we can deliver your personalized prediction and probability of treatment success is if we fully understand your and your partner’s situation. This includes demographic and exposures information, as well as your health and fertility history (where applicable since we also treat individuals and same-sex couples).


Does my partner have to be there?

It is always helpful, although optional, for your partner to be present at the consultation call. However, given that we believe fertility is a team sport (unless someone is undertaking solo reproduction with donor gametes), we would highly recommend that both partners attend so we can be as comprehensive in addressing questions and concerns as possible.


Can I do this if I am undergoing solo reproduction, am in a same-sex relationship, or already know I will need a(n) sperm/egg/embryo donor?

This Predictive Fertility Assessment would be the perfect step to gain clarity on how to optimize your chances of success through any of these paths to parenthood. Take the next step by clicking here.


I am over 40. Is this something that would help me?

100%! A large percentage of the patients we support are near or over 40 years of age. Don’t waste any time and schedule your Predictive Fertility Assessment by clicking here.


What if I don’t live in Sydney, Australia – can you still do the Predictive Fertility Assessment?

Absolutely. We currently treat patients in every continent other than Antarctica with the majority of our patients being in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. However, we treat patients worldwide.


What happens if I can’t make my appointment?

We can only reschedule an appointment with Gabriela once, free of charge. If you forfeit your appointment, you’d need to pay a full consultation fee charged at AUD$799.


Can I do this if I am undergoing solo reproduction or am in a same-sex relationship or already know I will need a(n) sperm/egg/embryo donor?

This Fertility Assessment would be the perfect step to gain clarity on how to optimize your chances of success through any of these paths to parenthood. Take the next step by clicking here.


What happens after our appointment? What are the next steps?

Throughout the Predictive Fertility Assessment process, you will gain clarity on your situation and how we may assist you further so you can gain clarity on what your situation requires and be fully equipped with the ability to make well-informed decisions on your fertility journey from this point onwards.


Do I have to undergo the assessment to join The Fertility Breakthrough Program™? Can I just join the program straight away?

Gabriela assesses every case before offering places in The Fertility Breakthrough Program™ to ensure this step would best fit a couple’s fertility situation. Upon assessing a case, if Gabriela does not believe a couple would benefit from our services, she would make another specific recommendation.

Alternatively, when she believes a couple would benefit from our program, she would let a couple know this and discuss the next steps accordingly, allowing you to make the best possible decision for you.