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Predictive Fertility Assessment


Determine your chances of successfully taking home a healthy baby with the help of our cutting-edge, artificial intelligence-based, predictive fertility assessment (scientifically 95% accurate).

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What is the Predictive Fertility Assessment?

A thorough assessment of your unique fertility case is the key to your absolute clarity and the RIGHT path towards your dream healthy baby.

Our predictive fertility assessment is a cutting-edge and artificial intelligence-based tool that not only comprehensively investigates a couple’s specific fertility situation but also gives them their probability of live birth success in The Fertility Breakthrough Program ™ compared with other available treatments (with 95% accuracy).


How exactly does the Predictive Fertility Assessment work?

It considers multiple essential fertility predictors and other specific couple variables beyond just age, and determines a couple's chances of successfully taking home a healthy baby (via natural or assisted conception) through implementing our unique treatment methodology, the F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method ®, within The Fertility Breakthrough Program ™

This advanced assessment exclusively offered in our clinic assumes 80% treatment protocol compliance and individual results may vary. 

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