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Redefining You


Redefining You is a practical guide for letting go of excessive stress, anxiety and depression on and off your fertility journey and in life. The three week program is delivered online by fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa, via video, audio, transcript and live webinars and is available to couples all over the world. There will be opportunity for live interaction and touch points with fellow peers and group sessions with Gabriela for extra accountability, support and motivation.

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With the Redefining You Fertility Treatment Program, leading fertility specialist, Gabriela Rosa, will support you to:-

  • Develop a greater understanding of your needs and what is currently driving your feelings;
  • Let go of confusion, despair, overwhelm, stress and anxiety once and for all;
  • Tearlessly and effectively, erase the negative emotions around circumstances, which no longer serve you—but that have kept you stuck until now;
  • Reconnect with the parts of you that are capable of moving mountains ;
  • Rediscover the fact that you are stronger, wiser, and even more capable than you are giving yourself credit for right now—and I will SHOW you, how this is true.
  • And much more…

This three week program is for you provided you are:-

  • Ready for a fresh, new perspective as well as tools and strategies that will help you create lasting results in how you feel – once and for all;
  • Willing to practice courage;
  • Wanting of greater resilience.

Redefining You Week 1: Understand the landscape :: What you truly want and how to get it

  • Who you truly are
  • Your needs and values
  • Embracing resistance

Redefining You Week 2: The Divine in you :: Clearing the slate

  • Satiating Human Needs
  • Embracing Courage
  • Tendering New Habits

Redefining You Week 3 : The Levers of Your Life :: Take Back the Driver’s Seat

  • Building momentum
  • The Game Plan
  • True Reward